Review: Aurealis Magazine Edition #73


3 stars

Read on October 16, 2014

Synopsis: This issue of Aurealis features a near-future Melbourne of smart clouds, mutated fauna and air filtration towers in Daniel Baker’s gritty and evocative ‘Refraction’. The second story ‘Kisses with Teeth’ by Allan Chen is a much more personal horror story, exploring one man’s reaction to a chilling transformation. Our ‘From the Archives’ this issue starts our Sacred Cows series where we review classic SF novels as if they had been published today. Shane M Brown’s article, ‘The Secret to Selling eBooks’, continues his series on thriving in the new publishing eco-system we live in, and we round things off with a bumper crop of reviews of the latest speculative fiction.

Bookish Things: This cover works for me. I think it’s the right amount of sci-fi and horror of the unknown.

Where to buy: Smashwords for $2.99 or directly from Aurealis for $2.99

My Review: 

The second edition of Aurealis I’ve read and once again I wasn’t blown away.

The first story, Refraction by Daniel Baker left me rather underwhelmed. It might have been that I just didn’t get what is was he was trying to paint with this story, but I felt no connection with the characters, little understanding of the environment they found themselves, and to top it off, they burnt books to make food!! The horror! It felt too long and I lost interest about half way through.

Kisses with teeth by Allan Chen was a wicked little tale. I thoroughly enjoyed this horrific telling of a young man’s bizarre transformation. I loved the frenetic way the story was paced, but also the slower and controlled sections gave the reader a little bit of a break from the crazy. It was a turbulent ride, but certainly an enjoyable one.

Shane M Brown’s article on the secrets to selling ebooks was well written, but hardly anything new. I’d have liked a little more substance to the article, but given its length that would be a bit of a challenge.

The art in this one wasn’t as great as the last edition, which is a shame.

Overall, Allan’s story carried this edition.


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