Marie Treanor Week Review: Blood Prophecy


3 stars

Read from November 24 to 27, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Synopsis: BLOOD PROPHECY by Marie Treanor

Blood Hunters Series Book Four

From a shameful past, rises a vital destiny…

“The junkie whore shall save the trinity in the first hour.” So spoke the insane Luk, last of the Ancient undead prophets. The enigmatic vampire Dmitriu believes he knows the junkie whore in question, destined to save the daughter of his creator Saloman.

But the Edinburgh prostitute Janine, who once showed Dmitriu kindness, has not only got clean; she’s become a vampire hunter, determined never to be helpless in anyone’s power again; and Dmitriu’s pretty high on her kill list. Instead of renewing his beguiling sexual relationship with her, he has to kidnap her to force her cooperation. Bombarded with sensual memory and the lust Dmitriu still inspires in her, Janine also has to fight her way through renegade hunters, Dmitriu’s rebellious creation, Antonia, the bizarre Militant Church for the Defence of the Holy Trinity and the first anti-vampire protests. It’s too much; the prophecy could be broken.

Unless Janine’s destiny is Dmitriu.

Bookish Things: 243 pages. The cover is again gorgeous and really suits the story.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $2.48

My Review: 

Blood Prohpecy is book #4 in Marie Treanor’s Blood Hunter series. It’s book #4 of 6 in total.

After two below average books, book #4 has happily taken the story back towards the realm that book #1 was in. It’s sexy and full of adventure and exploration. I never really liked Dmitriu in the other books, he was a bit of an ass and while Saloman trusted him, we never really knew why.

My biggest issue with this story was that it ran in parallel with book #3 for about 75% of the story, which really could have been done away with much earlier. To me, it felt like book #4 was really only the last 25%, and the first 75% was added as sheer padding. I mean, we did get some exploration and information in the first 75%, but it could have been given in a much better way.

The other issue I had, which a few others have mentioned in reviews, is the use of Janine and her apparent pet namethroughout the book ‘Junkie Whore’. It left a bad taste in my mouth, the constant rehashing of her bad past, it was a few years of her life, it was a mass of bad decisions, but it made her who she was as a hunter, it can’t have been all bad. Yet each time it was brought up in the book there was a definite negative connotation. Like Marie didn’t want us forgetting that little fact and why Janine was important to the story.

I started this book initially thinking I was done with the series, the previous two books were bad, but Dmitriu and Janine have saved this series for me. I will consider buying book #5 in the series at some point down the track in the hope that this series keeps improving now.

If you’re a fan of Mihaela and Maximilian, they don’t make much of an appearance in this book, but that kind of worked this time. Istvan and Konrad make cameo appearances.

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of the book through NetGalley in return for an honest review**

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