Marie Treanor Week Review: Blood of Angels


2 stars

Read from September 20 to 27, 2014

Synopsis: Obsession… a wounded hunter, a damaged vampire.

Six months ago, vampire hunter and inventive genius Istvan nearly died in the seminal battle that would change the relationship between humans and vampires forever.

A year before that, he first encountered sexy vampiress, Angyalka, owner of the Angel Club, favored haunt of the undead. Istvan won that round, but when he recklessly seeks her out again in search of the secret of angels, he’s alone and so exhausted he can barely stand, let alone fight vampires. Plus Angyalka’s out for revenge, and very happy to use his powerful sexual attraction to her…

But Angyalka has her own secret weaknesses as well as terrifying strengths even she doesn’t understand. Their battle becomes one of wits and sex, but when someone bombs the club, they fight together to contain all the threats closing in on the Angel, from humans and vampires, including the sadistic killer who could just be dangerous enough to finally topple undead overlord Saloman.

As Istvan struggles to harness the mysterious power of angels, Angyalka needs a deeper strength to send away the fascinating hunter who delivers on all her deepest sensual desires and yet can’t come to terms with her vampire nature.

Bookish Things: 258 pages. The cover is stunning, I liked that the girl is actually healthy looking, and not too skinny.

Where to buy:  Amazon on kindle for $3.24

My Review: 

Bookshelves: net-galley, spring-challenge-2014, 2-star-review, a-lil-sexy, fantasy, paranormal, romance, self-destructsmirk-worthy, vampires

Blood of Angels is book #2 in the Blood Hunters series. It takes us on a journey of personal discovery, scientific discovery and, did I mention vampire sex?
No?Well, there was so much unbridled lust and longing shared between Istvan and Angyalka I thought they might spontaneously combust!Where the romance complimented the story and action in book 1, in this instalment it trampled all over the action and squashed any attempt at a storyline.

The climax (no, not Angyalka’s or Istvan’s) was over so quickly, the baddies defeated with minimal effort and the ending too ‘happy families’ it made me want to poke my eyes out in disgust.

After a promising start to the series, this book has really dropped the ball. The saving grace, and the only reason I will continue to read this series is Max, Robbie and Mihaela.

One thing I noticed:

29% – Mikl?s (I’m guessing there’s a name with a special character. It repeats throughout the page the same)

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of the book through NetGalley in return for an honest review**


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