Review: Manslaughter and other Tears by Dianne F. Gray



Read from December 24 to 28, 2014 — I own a copy

Synopsis: An anthology of award winning stories by Dianne Gray.
Dianne Gray is an Australian award winning author. This selection of stories includes a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse into what inspired Dianne to write each story.

Bookish Things: 128 pages. I don’t really like the cover, but I don’t really know what would fit better.

Where to buy: Smashwords for $2.99 or Amazon on kindle for $3.12, or paperback for $18.53

My Review: 

Manslaughter and other tears is a strange mix of short stories.If there’s one story you must read, please persevere to the last story. Papa’s gift is by far the shining star in this collection and the reason this collection has 4 instead of 3 stars.My thoughts on each story:

Corrugated dreaming:
Interesting. I didn’t expect that ending. Some great imagery.

Still life:
I didn’t like this morbid little tale. I didn’t like the retelling of the story over and over. The painting squares thing was kind of cool though.
Canvass = canvas
…the empty space in (the) middle of her paintings…

The butcher of meena creek
Short little story with a twist. The sad part is I’d picked the ending from a few paragraphs in.

Hot dog stand:
I wasn’t sure where this one was going, but the ending was amusing, particularly the last paragraph.

Well… I don’t know what to say about this one. Bizarre!

This one reminds me a little of the latest Scream movie.

The final hours of Tanya Lowbroski:

The Devil’s tent:
I’m not sure about this one. It was a bit strange.

Remote control:
I liked the duality of this one, but the ending felt flat to me.

Grandmothers and gypsies:
Amusing little tale. I was expecting the ending though.

Rather sad little tale.

Papa’s gift:
Probably the best story in the bunch, not because it was about anything exotic or miraculous. No. Instead it coaxed tears from me, rehashed the feeling of uselessness. The wash of incredulity and the desire to destroy something. Great story.

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