Review: Bound to accept



Recommended for: Lovers of erotica and BDSM fans
Read from July 30 to August 10, 2014, read count: 3

Synopsis: Warning: contains sexual content and scenarios that aren’t appropriate for readers under 18

Kelly Hauser is a 25-year-old hipster/brony/self-proclaimed geek who self-publishes romance novels. She’s also been in love with her best friend, Tristan Lesauvage, for fourteen years. When she finds out he’s broken things off with his latest girlfriend, she takes the chance to tell him how she feels after being stuck in the friendzone for all these years.

Tristan is shocked–and Kelly thinks that he must be totally repulsed when he tells her that he doesn’t think they’d be good for each other. But that’s not it at all. Tristan has been an active participant in the BDSM scene since he turned 18, and he’s afraid of wrecking what they have.

As Kelly pursues a relationship with her friend-turned-lover, Tristan shows her a kind of sensuality she only thought existed in books that had silly titles and covers with close-ups of inanimate objects placed on silk sheets.

Bookish Things: 171 pages. The above cover was very nice, but alas Nenia swapped it back to her self-made, due to Amazon uploading issues. The other one which isn’t as swish.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $1.81

My Review:

I beta read this for Nenia, so I was privy to this in its initial drafts. My copies might be slightly different from the finished product.
In a way, I think that beta reading this allowed for me to see it grow from Nenia’s initial concepts into the amazing BDSM erotic tale it’s become.

I really enjoyed the realistic look into a D/s relationship with Tristan and Kelly, with all its amazing highs and some of the lows. I can only hope that this sort of book can one day outsell 50SoG, because this one is so much more.

The content is hot, sexy and varied. It ranges from sensory play to full blown, hard-core fucking.

There is one trigger warning – rape fantasy play is explored in quite graphic detail. This will cause some distress to those who have issues with that sort of play.

Outside of that, though, the content should be easily enjoyed by those who enjoy D/s and erotica between characters who are realistic, flawed and occasionally naughty.



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