Review: Slime and other stories


2 stars


Read from August 06 to 09, 2014

Synopsis: Encounters with a Cornish Piskie, witchery, ghosts and strange tales of the everyday can all be found in this collection of ten short stories.

Ideal for that ‘quick fix’ of fantastic fiction.

Bookish things:  36 pages. I’m not sure what the cover has to do with slime, it’s plain and rather boring.

Where to buy: Nowhere – it appears to have been removed from Amazon

My Review: 

Slime and other stories is a collection of mixed genre, extremely short tales. The Amazon blurb has the book listed as 36 pages.

However, the sample of Flux (another of Mark’s written works) appears at the end and was too long. It is false advertising! The collection of short stories only makes up just over half the book (59%).

The stories weren’t bad, but only a couple were really good. I’ve put my thoughts against each below.

Piskie – too short and not enough detail. This story is basic and has been done before.

Once a warrior – I liked this. An unusual protagonist, or is he an antihero? I liked the subtlety that was woven into this one.

Slime – a decent horror tale. Nothing special though.
One thing I noticed: The Boys (boys) looked…

Good health – Rather morbid. Too short to really feel anything for the characters.

Live entertainment – I liked this one. Very sinister.

Black of night – One thing I noticed: …machinery of (delete of) dotted about…

The legend of the rock people – a bit predictable. One thing I noticed: “(Delete “) feeling a but jittery…

The phone is ringing – I have no idea what that story was about. Why write about something boring?

Face – creepy and interesting, this one feels like it has the potential to be a novella or novel.

The trickster – I liked this story, but I didn’t feel the title fit. Trickster to me comes across as playful and childish, this story is anything but.

This appears to no longer be available on Amazon, so it looks like you might not be able to try this one if it interests you.



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