Review: Let sleeping gods lie


3 stars


Read from December 13 to 14, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Synopsis: Nick Landau is a biker. A lone wolf who escaped a childhood crushed by the strict and cruel rules of his obsessive religious family. Now he is coming home to face the demons of his past.
Let Sleeping Gods Lie was shortlisted in the 2007 Australian IP Picks Awards.

Bookish Things: 191 pages. I feel that the cover is too simplistic for the story. I’d like something a little ‘sexier’

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $3.27

My Review:

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Let Sleeping Gods Lie is the fourth of Dianne’s books I’ve read, and I’d have to say my least favourite.

It wasn’t because the characters were bad, or the story uninteresting. No, the issue I had was with the overuse of similes and metaphors.


Some of them were so bad I actually cringed when reading them. Arms like burnt chicken wings, a face splitting like a can of beans… it was a bit much. Which is why this book has obtained my ‘editing required’ shelving tag. I think removing some of the random details would make it crisper and a lot nicer to read and most certainly would bump up my rating to at least 4 stars.

This aside, I loved the characters, even the bad ones. I felt that they all played their parts really well. The story flowed nicely and kept me interested. I liked the variety of characters too, we weren’t left with cookie cutter families, I liked the messed up family unit of the Landau’s, I mean I wouldn’t for a second want to meet them, but I liked the complexities of their family unit.

When you add to this story the questions around religion and beliefs, it just all came together in a gnarly mess that somehow just seemed to work.

A decent book if you can overlook the weird similes and metaphors, and by a fantastic Aussie author to boot.

2 thoughts on “Review: Let sleeping gods lie

  1. “…a face splitting like a can of beans”.

    Huh? What is that supposed to look like?

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