Review: Aurealis Magazine Edition #72


3 stars


Read from October 14 to 15, 2014

Synopsis: Aurealis #72 features the testing and touching ‘Age’ from Ashlee Jade and the tough and turbulent ‘Ballard and Ballard: A Biopunk Detective Tale of 2080 AD’ from Steven Ma. Shane M Brown offers some salient advice with ‘The Pitfalls of Self-Publishing’. With some of the most searching SF/Fantasy reviews available anywhere and top-notch artwork, Aurealis #72 is bursting with goodness.

Bookish Things: A collection of short stories and articles, not very long (but no page numbers available). The cover is quite interesting.

Where to buy: From the Aurealis store for $2.99

My Review: bookshelves: aussie-authors, aww2014, fantasy, paranormal, sci-fi, 3-star-review, editing-required, dystopian, indie-author

Aurealis #72 was the first free copy of the magazine I picked up as part of the six month trial.

I had high hopes that the contents would be interesting, unique and a great read.

I wasn’t totally satisfied, neither was I completely unsatisfied.

Age, by Ashlee Jade (a young Victorian author) reflects upon the pressure put upon people to look youthful and beautiful. It was an interesting story based around a pair of immortal beings. – 3 stars

Ballard and Ballard: a biopunk detective tale, is set in 2080 in a time where human/animal hybrid brings have been created. This piece was quite different to anything I’ve read before, but the story had a number of typos. This was a big shame. Also written by an Aussie, Steven HK Ma, this opened my eyes to a noir style story. – 2 stars

The highlight for me was the Australian artwork that supplemented the stories. Great additions.


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