Review: Scandal by Navessa Allen

ScandalReviewStars-4Read from April 13 to August 05, 2014

Synopsis: The higher you rise, the further you may fall…

Katherine, the Duchess of Hampshire, has spent the past three years living a lie. Her marriage is one of convenience, and thanks to her husband John’s highly political nature and stuffy public persona, she’s smothered the fire that once burned within her. Thankfully, he’s a different man behind closed doors, and the more time she spends around him and his lover, an artist by the name of Henry Fletcher, the more she begins to wish for something she thinks can never be.

Everything changes between the three of them after an otherwise uneventful evening. Words once left unsaid are spoken, repressed feelings can no longer be contained, and with just a few fevered whispers, their futures are forever altered. But there is a darkness drawing closer to them, and just when they think they have a chance at true happiness, it’s snatched from their fingers by an unseen enemy.

Someone knows their secret, and is not afraid to use it against them to get what they want…

*Warning: This book contains explicit sex, including M/F, M/M, and M/F/M scenarios, as well as some BDSM elements.*

Bookish Things: I’m not sure how long this is. I read it chapter by chapter as Navessa posted it online – such sweet torture. The cover is so beautiful and so completely perfect for the story.

Where to buy: Free online. Download the chapters from Navessa’s website/blog (although it’s currently offline for editing – it should be up again soon)

My review:

I read all chapters and the epilogue on Navessa’s blog, released one chapter at a time.I loved the rich period detail, the masks each character wore, to face the public, to face their friends and to face even themselves in the mirror.

Kit, John and Henry are delicious together. The three of them work together so well, it read as if they’d been together for years.

I am so glad there is a second book in this series. So glad! I will be hanging out for the release!

M/F/M ménage is not to everyone’s taste, but it is more sensual that some of the M/F romance and erotica I’ve read. Pure sex on a stick!

Try this story of romance, espionage and deceit today! You won’t regret it!

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