New And Serious Talk For Authors

It’s an interesting article… Good questions.

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Quiet Qualms, Important Inquiries

Most major ebook retailers have suffered anemic or declining sales over the last 12-18 months. The gravy train of exponential sales growth is over. Indies have hit a brick wall and are scrambling to make sense of it.

Mark Coker Mark Coker

In a way, Mark Coker of Smashwords may be saying what we need most to hear. Here’s some more:

In recent weeks…I’ve heard a number of indie authors report that their sales at Amazon dropped significantly since July when Amazon launched Kindle Unlimited…Some authors are considering quitting. It’s heartbreaking to hear this, but I’m not surprised either. When authors hit hard times, sometimes the reasons to quit seem to outnumber the reasons to power on. Often these voices come from friends and family who admire our authorship but question the financial sensibility of it all.

Actually, these voices are coming from farther afield than our…

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2 thoughts on “New And Serious Talk For Authors

  1. Interesting article, isn’t it?. I shared this on one on FB as well. E-Market reaching saturation…?

    • I suppose it’s possible. It makes me think about the whole industry. If the big six published books are having the same issue with eBooks, perhaps it’s a consumers market and we’re just all sick of them

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