November is Global Frenzied Writing Month

Quite amusing… Who’s doing NaNo this year? Alas I have too much school work on this year.



Something strange happens on planet Earth in November. A literary fever of plague proportions infects the world’s bookworm population. It’s a writing pandemic I’m dubbing Global Frenzied Writing Fever.

Around the world, otherwise normal people will develop the dreaded Writing Rash. You can easily spot the afflicted. The fever is marked by glazed stares, strange mutterings, and ecstatic scribbling on any surface (cocktail napkins, ticket stubs, their offspring’s skin) –and by the toxic fumes rising from their abused keyboards.

Identifying the Frenzied Writing Bug

Here are the symptoms:

  • A nagging sense that there’s a novel inside you waiting to be released. (This is usually accompanied by abdominal pain and protrusions in the shape of a hardback book).
  • Itchy fingers that can only be soothed by typing or writing action
  • Bizarre names and character details percolating in your brain when you should be doing other things (paying attention to the traffic, listening…

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4 thoughts on “November is Global Frenzied Writing Month

  1. I’m not a NaNo person, but it’s fun to read about it 😉

  2. I know that itchy fingers feeling! 🙂

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