Foreverland is Dead… or is it?


3 stars

Read from May 22 to 29, 2014

Synopsis: Six teenage girls wake with no memories. One of them is in a brick mansion, her blonde hair as shiny as her shoes. The others are in a cabin, their names tagged to the inside of their pants. Their heads, shaved. Slashes mark the cabin wall like someone has been counting.

Hundreds of them.

There’s wilderness all around and one dead adult. The girls discover her body rotting somewhere in the trees. As the weeks pass, they band together to survive the cold, wondering where they are and how they got there. And why.

When an old man arrives with a teenage boy, the girls learn of a faraway island called Foreverland where dreams come true and anything is possible. But Foreverland is dead. In order to escape the wilderness, they’ll have to understand where they are.

More importantly, who they are. 

Bookish things: 300 pages. The cover is not as striking at the newer cover for The Annihilation fo Foreverland, but it does tie into the story.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $3.68 or papaerback for $9.90. Smashwords also has it in various formats for $

My review:

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Foreverland is dead is book two in the Foreverland series, I reviewed book one a while ago. I think writing a sequel is probably harder than writing the original story because you have to better it. So when authors fail to better their first books, it’s not necessarily a bad sign, it is probably that their first books were awesome. How do you better awesome?

I thought I would like this book better than the first because it’s about girls. I thought I would be able to relate more with the characters, draw similarities…I thought there would be the same level if creepy as the first, but none of those things happened.

I didn’t connect with any of the characters, I didn’t care about any of them, and I just didn’t feel part of the story. That’s not to say that this book was bad, but it was shallow where as book #1 was not.

If I had not read book 1 before starting this one, I might have enjoyed this book more, because I would not know just how much better Tony’s writing can be.

I thought the ending was a bit ‘blah.’ I know, that’s not very descriptive. The ending was just flat. It was too easy and too obvious and too safe. I was expecting something shocking to happen. It didn’t.

If this is your first of Tony’s books, if you don’t love it, try The Annihilation of Foreverland! It was good fun.

Some things I noticed:

13% how do they know it is a woman when they haven’t seen it, only smelt it?

17% – ‘That’s (That) we’re all…

37% – I don’t (know) why we’re…

37-40% – use of axe and ax. It looks like ax was a typo.

42% – …see you are all are (delete are) very…

83% – a couple (of) guys were…

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**


2 thoughts on “Foreverland is Dead… or is it?

  1. Oh, was a little weird reading that. I don’t hear of many other writers called Tony. 🙂

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