Review: Foresight by E J McBride



Read from May 02 to 04, 2014 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Synopsis: Clara Phelps has a gift. A gift that’s probably going to cost her life…

Born with an unusual ability to read people, to see a snapshot of their thoughts each time she makes eye contact, Clara has struggled to make friends and live the ‘straight and narrow life’. But when she accidentally causes the daughter of a Russian Mafia member to be shot, her lack of social skills quickly become the least of her problems.

This thrill-a-minute story will have you on the edge of your seat with every plot twist and turn, right up until the very last page.

Bookish things: 148 pages. The cover is delightfully stark (although it seems there’s now a different one on Amazon).

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $2.93

My review:

Bookshelves: amazon-freebie, 4-star-review, crime, paranormal, thriller

Recommended for: Anyone really… A good all-rounder
A crime thriller with a twist, Foresight really did take me on a whirl wind ride.Clara has always been able to read people, she’s turned to conning (and who wouldn’t be tempted if you could read people?) she seemed a bit naive and silly given the life she’s had. She was fairly likable and not completely useless when the situations got hairy. I liked this. It would also have been too easy to make every situation she found herself in easy to get out of, but this was not the case. I liked that too.

My favourite character was actually Robin. I really want to know more. I was more interested in the story around Robin than the one around Clara to be honest, there was more mystery and I felt more depth there.

I am a bit disappointed with the way some of the ‘seemingly’ important characters just went by the way-side. I hope they come back… Sorry if that sounds cryptic. I don’t want to have spoilers.

The pace was great, always something interesting happening. It reminded me a little of an episode of Alias with the hair-brained schemes they found themselves in. The action was mostly realistic and pretty much clear and easy to follow.

I plan on reading the other two stories in this series, it was a very enjoyable and quick read.

One thing I noticed:
35% – (m)ight be in for trouble…


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