The Baron’s Bargain

The Baron's Bargain

2 stars

Read on May 02, 2014

Synopsis: Etta Damian is a vampire living in Bonte Bayou, a tiny Louisiana town struck by a mysterious curse, following an epidemic of yellow fever in 1905. Etta’s guilt about her inadvertent role in the epidemic has kept her in Bonte Bayou, as its protector for over a century. In spite of Etta’s resolve to keep herself separate from the town’s human population, her kind nature has drawn several living friends to her. Among them is Marceline Prieto, a voodoo priestess, and Xavier Hermes, a talented baker.

Blaise Delaroche is also drawn to Etta, although Etta doesn’t welcome Blaise’s advances or his continued presence in Bonte Bayou. As Etta’s vampire master, Blaise has the power to force Etta do his bidding, to draw her into his embraces and electrify her with his sensual touches.

And although Etta is deeply attracted to tall, handsome Blaise, with his dark eyes, his sardonic wit, and his lingering traces of a Parisian accent, and she can’t help but respond to him, she bitterly resents him for turning her into a monster like him.

However, when Etta and Marceline concoct a plan to rid Bonte Bayou of its curse once and for all, they are forced to ask Blaise for his help. They intend to summon one by one the four Barons of the Guédé loas: the guardians of the dead, to help them in their quest.

Blaise agrees to help with the plan, though he has little interest in the welfare of Bonte Bayou. Etta doesn’t trust Blaise, but she soon realizes as they begin to summon the extremely powerful, unpredictable Guédé loas that it is not Blaise she needs to worry about.

Bookish things: 60 pages. The cover is lovely, especially how you can see what looks like some of the Louisiana countryside/Bayou along the bottom

Where to buy: Steam eReads in PDF, mobi or epub formats for $0.99 or Amazon on kindle for $1.04

My review:

Bookshelves: blog-review-req, paranormal, steamereads, 2-star-review, romance-ish, self-destruct, something-missing, too-short

Very short and too simple. That’s what the motto of this one should be.

Intriguing voodoo plot, but it was rushed and rather shallow in the details department.

The sex and other sexy type scenes were 2D and very basic in the language and sensory exploration. It really didn’t bring the reader in at all.

I would have liked more character description early on, as I didn’t have a clear image of the women until much later. I didn’t get to know Blaise very much either, which made developing any feelings for him difficult.

Ultimately, if you’re after a bit of titillation and not much else, as it is, this story might be for you. But as it also has the beginnings of a decent story, you might be drawn into this one a bit more than straight erotica.

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**


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