Ellie’s Gentleman

Ellie's Gentleman

3 stars

Read on April 17, 2014

Synopsis: Ellie Sommers is twenty years old, beautiful, lively and intelligent. She has finally returned to her family home after another long London season. She wants nothing more than to stay in her beloved country town and ride her horses. Enter Robert Blakely, a widower and a true gentleman. He has come to spend Christmas with his long-time friend William, Ellie’s father. Robert has no wish to marry again and is shocked to discover his own interest in the beautiful daughter of his friend. The only problem is that he is twice her age and a widower who has convinced himself he will never marry again.

Bookish things: 60 pages. The cover is stunning. The general feel of this one is very sweet.

Where to buy: From Steam eReads in various formats for $2.99 or Amazon on kindle for $3.71

My review:

Bookshelves: blog-review-req, historical-fiction, steamereads, romance, 3-star-review, too-short

Ellie’s Gentleman is a very short historical romance. Within its pages you will find a rather generic recipe for a historical romance story.

There is a handsome, respectable man, while Ellie is a young, stunningly beautiful woman, all virtue and virginal.

Where Ellie’s Gentleman deviates from the recipe is that Ellie is not a dim-witted nitwit who giggles inanely at whatever men say. Nor is she a spineless piece of fluff. She knows what she wants and does not give up on that.

The storyline was extremely quick, I would say bordering on insta-love, but in a short story it’s going to be quick.

I liked the relationship Ellie had with her dad. It was a nice touch.

Ultimately, I liked this book, but wasn’t blown away. It’s a little to safe and sweet for my tastes, but would certainly be suitable for those who prefer the sweet instead of the sizzling romance books.

A few things I noticed:

23% – full stop missing at end of chapter.

30% – wasn’t it close to raining before?!? At 11%

59% – where were these feeling(s) coming…

**Note: I received an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**


2 thoughts on “Ellie’s Gentleman

  1. 60 pages does seem quite short. I’m wondering if it actually sells at the price it is. I was reading somewhere (can’t remember where now) that readers were becoming increasingly peeved about spending the same amount on short books as long books and indie authors should price according to scale. My books are all different word lengths and all the same price, so I’m thinking of taking that on board and repricing the shorter ones.

    • I got it for free from Steam eReads so I didn’t pay, but you are right, Dianne. I wouldn’t pay the same for a 60 page story as I would for a novel, unless it was by one of my favourite authors. The authors that are on my ‘auto-buy’ list.

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