The Chariot’s Slave

The Chariot's Slave2 stars

Read from 10th – 17th November  2013

Synopsis: After witnessing her mothers grisly death and being sold into slavery by her father, she had little left to hope for. But when purchased by Rome’s most eligible bachelor and sent to work in his chariot training facility, the seeds of hope begin to grow once more. Her relationship with her new Dominus is unpredictable. At times she’s afraid of him, afraid of what he will do to her. Yet there were moments when she was drawn to him, more than she had ever been to another being. When given a chance to save his life, something in her prompts her to do it. She disguises herself in his robes and enters the empire’s most dangerous chariot tournament. To lose the tournament would mean death for them both, and to win… something no girl had done before.

***This story is recommended by The Historical Novel Society

Bookish things: 193 pages of utter rubbish. The only good thing about the story I can say is the cover but even that does kind of imply a more D/s style book. Which it’s not.

Where to buy: No where that I can find. I did get it for free through Amazon, but it’s no longer listed.

My review:

Rather boring story, characters that resembled the emotional and mental maturity of 12 yr olds and a blatantly obvious plot.

The richness of that era was missing and the detail that should have been there wasn’t.

The editing needs to be tightened, issues ranged from missed words, to duplicate words, to misuse of there/their/they’re. Also the formatting on the kindle was atrocious.

Have you had a bad experience with an Amazon freebie? Let us know about it below.


4 thoughts on “The Chariot’s Slave

  1. I’ve not had an experience like this (thankfully), You need to get that 193 pages of your life back 😉

    • Sadly I doubt getting those pages back will happen (what’s been seen/read cannot be unseen/read!) but as annoying as that experience was, I’ve been blessed with finding a large number of hidden gems in my reading over the years! Those crappy 193 pages, and any of those ‘OK’ books are worth it when you find something special!

  2. Was this a read-to-review, or did you just pick it up?

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