The Bite by Angela Horn

The Bite

3 stars

Read – November 1st to 4th 2013

Synopsis: Samantha Adkins has spent the last year struggling to survive in a world overrun with zombies. With her father and a small band of survivors, she kept one step ahead of danger.

Until the day Sami is bitten.

Soon the group moves on, leaving Sami’s father Evan to watch his child die of the infection. Yet Sami miraculously recovers, only to realize she is no longer human and must learn to control the new hunger inside her.

Back on the road, Sami and Evan are pushed off course and into an area of the country dubbed the badlands. In a world infested with zombies, Sami and her father quickly discover the walking dead aren’t the only monsters rising.

Bookish things: Approx. 220 pages, I was quite drawn to the simplicity of the cover. I don’t think it fits the story at all though. In fact I even made a comment on this in my review!

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $1.05

My review:

I seem to be on a bit of a Zombie-a-thon lately, and this was a good thing for Angela Horn and her book, The Bite, because I was really in the mood for a good zombie book.

I will come clean though, when I read the title, the full title, I was thinking that it was actually about something kinky. I mean… c’mon. The Bite (Sub Sami #1) doesn’t that sound like it’d be about some hunky Dom strapping down a helpless little sub and having his way with her?!


Perhaps it’s just me!?

Anyway, I was mistaking, obviously, because this book is about zombies and the end of the world as we knew it and adding kink in there is kinda icky.  But if that’s your bag, I’m sure there’s someone out there writing about it… hrm, perhaps I should?!

Moving on… Sami has been surviving in this world of zombies for a year and travelling with her father and a group of people she grew up with. This was ok, except that she kept calling her father ‘Daddy’ and that instantly annoyed me. She was not five years old, she was an adult practically. So the use of Daddy made me think of some inappropriate Daddy/Daughter kink… wrong again!

The story was actually quite unique, there were zombies, vampire types and even *I think* werewolves… I say I think, because I was completely confused by the scene with the white dog and the subsequent scene later with the explanation. Also… what was with the lack of reaction? It was strange.

I liked crazy Bellamy/Death/Rue/Anastasia, even if she was kind of crazy. I liked the dynamic she brought to the group. She livened things up in an otherwise serious situation.

When Sami was taken into the enclave thing and all that fun stuff happened, I admit, I was thinking – right here we go, this should be interesting. The ‘hinted at’ reality of that situation was sooooo much more exciting than what actually happened. Way to tease us!

I must admit, I think because I went in expecting an adult novel, I was a bit miffed that this was a Young Adult one. I wanted the adult levels of sex, gore and horror. These were mostly missing. There were no graphic scenes, where graphic scenes occurred in the book, they were glossed over, someone conveniently blacked out or got out some way.

Because of this, I felt a little jipped. This could be a totally awesome adult horror zombie story, but by dragging it down into the YA realm meant missing out on the freaky shit. My expectations (no matter how wrong to begin with) were vastly different from the reality of The Bite.

It is a passable YA zombie read, but for hard-core fans of horror and gore you will likely come out of this feeling underwhelmed.

I’d love to see Angela release an adult version of this book! BRING IT ON!

EDITED TO ADD: What is with the cover? Does it look like a zombie book with a cover like that?!

Have you ever gone into a book with a preconceived idea only to find it was completely wrong?


5 thoughts on “The Bite by Angela Horn

  1. The cover looks like it may be a love story? A little blood on the lips may have helped.

    I laughed when you thought it was about something kinky. When I wrote The Everything Theory it’s first name was FleshGods. I told my son and he said it sounded like a porno (LOL) so I changed the name 😉

    • That’s a great story Dianne! I can see why it might have come across that way to your son. I agree about the cover too, a little blood or something to show zombie-ism would have been a bit more logical.

  2. Zombie sex sounds like a weird name for a rock group. 🙂

    That cover certainly doesn’t say zombie to me…but it gets you looking, which is probably the point.

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