My most read authors vol. 2.0

This is what my 'Read' pile is starting to look like.

This is what my ‘Read’ pile is starting to look like.

Last year, in January, I posted three posts about my most read authors.

#26-13 came first, closely followed by #10-2 and finally the cherry on top #1.

I just happened to be browsing through my books on Goodreads and thought I’d check out the most read authors again, a year later, to see how we’re going. I was interested to see if anyone has managed to de-throne Rebecca Royce or if there are some authors jostling their way up the ladder towards #1.

Dropped authors from the top 21:

J. K Rowling, Cecelia Ahern and Moyra Caldecott.

The new list:

Authors, see how you compare to last year!


Rebecca Royce is still sitting pretty at the top of my list,  but Lindsay Buroker is closing the gap, 2 more of her books under my belt in the last 12 months or so.

The biggest mover would have to be Natasha Duncan-Drake – she went from 13th to 6th over the course of the year – I read 4 additional books of hers.

Tony Talbot has made a move too, from #21 to #17 by providing me an additional book this year (well technically it should be two since I did beta reading for his newest book Medusa).

Dianne Gray will likely end up on this list next year as I’ve got a number of her books scheduled in my TBR list in the top 50 or so. So keep an eye on this space, you’ll be sure to see some new authors popping in to say hi.

Who do you think would top your most read authors list? A well known name or an indie author?

2 thoughts on “My most read authors vol. 2.0

  1. Nice to see I moved up the list! 🙂 And I’m above Meyer and Grisham, going well!

    • Yep you sure did! I can see you going even further up the list over the next year too, you keep writing the books, so I have to keep reading them 🙂

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