Luxuria by James Fuller ~ a review


2 stars

Read October 15th 2013

Synopsis: A fable, dripping with gold and uttered from the lips of a dying man sets four friends off on the adventure of a lifetime.

The last remnant of an age lost to myth calls from the very cusp of Hell as the dangers rise with the heat of the tropics and they are plunged into the unfathomable depths of the Amazon where they will struggle for survival in an ancient city born of blood, lust and betrayal.

With the whispers of a dead man echoing promises of power, wealth and desire, their path to paradise is laid out in the bones of those who learned too late what is waiting beyond the mist of time.

Bookish Things: Approx. 119 pages, this book certainly was a bit of an eye opener. I personally don’t think the cover does a whole lot for the book.

Where to buy: Amazon for $1.86 on kindle or $9.49 in paperback.

My review:

Full disclosure. I got this for free on Amazon after one of the groups I follow on Facebook raved about it. I had high expectations…

I was sorely mislead.

Considering it’s only about 119 pages long, the amount of tiny, easily fixable and rather obvious typos, grammar  and spelling mistakes was irritating. I started to list them but got bored of it at about 57% through so I stopped. The things found could very easily be picked up by a spellcheck, so I’m not sure what (if any) editing has been done on this.

The storyline was sound enough, it could easily have been turned away from the erotic and turned into an Indiana Jones style adventure story, it would have needed a lot more detail put into the characters and the background as well as the world building, but it could have been done. I think it would have been better.

The sexy stuff was passable, it seemed rushed and rather plain despite the varying levels of kink involved. It read like a male’s fantasy, not something a woman would write (I think there’d be more sensory information if a woman wrote it) and really was fairly two dimensional. If you want to try something erotic, don’t let this be your first taste or you will likely be disappointed.

In terms of enjoyment, it wasn’t too bad. I think the pacing was quick enough to keep me reading, though character development was really set on the back burner. If you want a quick read for titillation that has a reasonable storyline and plot, give Luxuria a try. It might be your thing.

Things I noticed:

21% – ‘Don’t use it unless I tell you too (to)’
32% – ‘…thier (their) shapes and features damaged…’
33% – ‘”It’s turn (turned) into a real…’
33% – ‘”Let’s just hope is (it) has a good ending…’
33% – ‘”Also the only one who seems to thinking worrying about it is going to solve anything.”‘ – WTF!?
57% – ‘…loyalty so they (that) we could serve…’

What Amazon freebies have you gotten and been unimpressed with? Share your experiences with us.


4 thoughts on “Luxuria by James Fuller ~ a review

  1. Ouch! Typos that easy should have been fixed…be professional, people!

  2. Woah! I think the cover says it all. I find typos jarring and hate having to stop and figure out what the author is trying to convey. I find typos in just about every book but most of them only have one or two. A book with a lot would just end up annoying me and I’d have to put it down.

    • Very true! The cover does sum it up pretty well. I couldn’t believe the lack of editing done on it. Even if it’s just for a bit of titillation, good writing and editing should be mandatory.

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