75 x 75 Flash Fraction a review



This is a brilliant stocking stuffer for that avid reader in your life. This collection of flash fiction will be sure to be a hit with just about anyone. The themes are wide and varied, the writing brilliantly engaging and highly enjoyable. Pick it up today!

Synopsis: A Flash Fiction collection of 75 short stories all captured in exactly 75 words. Birth, death, IVF, forbidden love, infidelity and alien abduction are all here. From the humorous and painfully poignant to murderous cold-blooded revenge, each story aims to entertain, often with a surprise twist.

Bookish things: 75 pages of painstakingly selected prose. Some are brilliant, some will make you laugh and others will make you want to sob.

Where to buy: Amazon have it on kindle for $3.58 or in print for $7.19.

My Review: Bookshelves: chillenge, indie-author, smirk-worthy, 4-star-review

Recommended for: Time poor readers and lovers of good writing.
Read on August 27, 2013
Where to begin… At the start.Not every piece in this book worked for me, but a lot did. I appreciate the incredibly subtle way one must say just enough, to convey the veiled and real meaning yet not give it away. All this too in just 75 words.

Two shorts struck me with such force I had to dwell on them, deconstruct them, bask in their glory, bathe in their brilliance and then reconstruct them again in my mind.

Dead Skin and Taut Trousers were simply mind blowing. I loved the fact that I initially thought one thing was happening, but within those 75 words, a completely different thing was. These were powerful writing at its best.

The style (75, 75 word flash or micro fiction stories) may not be for everyone. If you are keen to try this amazingly vast collection I recommend sitting down in a quiet spot, turn your phone off, lock the door and drown yourselves in this amazingly well written book.

Writing flash or micro fiction is certainly an art form, one that Helena is very good at. Job well done!


4 thoughts on “75 x 75 Flash Fraction a review

  1. I just read this for a read-for-review. Most of the stories were excellent. Taut Trousers was a blast!

  2. Flash fiction is HARD! Very impressed she could put together 75 stories! Adding this to my TBR!

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