Diamond Peak Series Blog Tour: Lethal Inheritance by Tahlia Newland


Today I’m participating in the AIA Seal of Excellence award-winning Diamond Peak Series Tour. Lethal Inheritance, the first book in the series has also won a BRAG Medallion for outstanding Independent fiction. The tour includes free short stories, a  ‘buy one get one free’ deal on the novels and a complete series ebook give away for those that take up the offer. Details are at the end of the post.

What Tahlia Newland, the author says about the series: “These are no ordinary books. The magic within them is real. The powers of the characters are within your grasp and their success  in their journey of self discovery can be yours.”

As part of the blog tour I’ve held off on posting my review of Lethal Inheritance



My review:

Lethal Inheritance is many things…

It’s the first novel in The Diamond Peak series.

It’s exciting and uplifting, thrilling and thoroughly positive, and it shows huge challenges and how to overcome them. It made me giggly and silly and generally happy.

But it’s also soul-crushingly dark and creepy in parts. Those parts left me feeling a little gutted, a little hollow inside and filled with a desire to expel the darkness. Perhaps it was my Serpentine rising up to overcome my inner Radiance or perhaps I had a Gimp climbing up my legs?

We start with Ariel, she’s a regular 17-year-old girl. She’s concerned about school and exams and her friends, boyfriends and fitting in. She’s pretty much what everyone would expect of a normal teenage girl.

Her mother, Nadima, is a little different. She raises orphan baby wombats!

Spud instantly made me squee!! I think people around me thought I’d choked on some food, but really, I was just instantly drawn into the lives of these two women. I loved that they cared for this beautiful animal. It drew a strong connection with me and considering it was a tiny piece of information in a large and complex story, it still stuck with me throughout the whole story.

Tahlia doesn’t beat around in the bush, the action happens quickly. This is a good thing. It brought me instantly into the middle of turmoil, horror and whirl-wind emotion. It also raised a lot of questions.

Foremost in my mind was what the hell is happening?!

Thankfully, things are explained in a rational and timely manner, Ariel is exposed to the same information as the reader. This is a great way to get the reader to bond with the protagonist. I mirrored the confusion and disbelief that Ariel went through.

We follow Ariel on a journey into a world she had never known existed. She’s making this trip to save her mother from the Demons that kidnapped her. Why they took her, we don’t really know, but the horrific ideas that Ariel creates in her mind of what could be happening to her mother are a very forceful motivator. I wanted to jump into the pages and save her mother from them myself.

When Ariel meets her cast of supporting characters, Nick and Walnut things become a little more interesting.

I adored Walnut. He pushes Ariel, comforts her and offers his many years of wisdom. I didn’t really get a strong visual of what he looks like. I was thinking something like this:
saul-e4 but I’m not sure why I don’t have a strong idea of how he looks, perhaps to me, it didn’t really matter. It was more his wisdom and advice that mattered to the story.

The magical side of things was a little bit out of my depth. When inner radiance was mentioned, this is how I imagined it:

As the story progressed, I knew that was wrong. Tahlia explained the magical aspects of the story in great detail. I liked this, because it gave me an opportunity to understand exactly what she was trying to show me.

I liked too, how things just didn’t fall into Ariel’s lap. She had work for things, she had to experience failures before she succeeded and it made everything seem more realistic because of it. I especially liked the sword fighting.

There were a few things that were a little obvious and a little cliche. The Nick/Ariel relationship had kind of been done before, and I picked up on a lot of the twists and turns of their relationship well in advance. This was only a minor issue I had, it really didn’t detract from the story, but I would have liked to see something else a little more original when it came to the two of them.

Ultimately, I plan to continue this series (of which there are four novels and one prequel), it held my attention, it is extremely well written and an enjoyable story of adventure, self exploration, magic and general mayhem.

**Note: I was provided with an electronic version of this story in return for an honest review**

Details about the cool giveaways and promotions:

If you buy book one, Lethal Inheritance, and send the receipt to tahlia.newland@yahoo.com before the 15th of December, she will send you book 2, Stalking Shadows,  free of charge and enter you in a draw to win the rest of the series.

You can also pick up  two short story prequels for the series  FREE anytime. These books include chapters 1 & 2 of Lethal Inheritance, so you can try before you buy.

Download links for  RUN, a  FREE urban fantasy prequel to the Series.

Download links for Ariel’s Dream, a  FREE YA urban fantasy prequel to the Series

Purchase links for Lethal Inheritance  (Paperback available)

Purchase links for Stalking Shadows   (Paperback available)

Purchase links for Demon’s Grip
Purchase links for Eternal Destiny

5 thoughts on “Diamond Peak Series Blog Tour: Lethal Inheritance by Tahlia Newland

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  3. Pingback: 'The quality of the writing style rivals the works of masters like Tolkien.' | Tahlia Newland

  4. Thanks for the review, I’m glad you enjoyed it and I totally get what you’re saying about the ‘done before’ bits and I’m glad you didn’t find them too annoying. The series gets more unusual as it goes on. I love your animations in the review; this has got to be the best review blog ever. I’ll be telling all my followers to come and see.

    • Thanks Tahlia I’m glad you liked the review 🙂 I like using pictures and gifs sometimes because they can portray what I was feeling or what I’m trying to say really well.

      I look forward to reading the rest of the series in 2014.

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