Stuck somewhere between 50 shades of grey and something else…


3 stars

It’s been done before, but there’s a twist…

The twist being that there’s not one, but two, amazingly sexy Doms who want to top body-conscious Shay Greene: the startlingly submissive babe who doesn’t know it. *yawn*

This is strictly a tale for those who want some quick titillation, if you want plot, good dialogue and realistic situations, then this book is NOT for you.

Synopsis: When Shay Greene finally decides to give in to her long-harbored erotic desires and explore the world of kink, she is thrilled to encounter two dominant men who surpass even her wildest fantasies. The only problem: Lucas Cross and Jonathan Manning turn out to be the billionaire partners who own Augustan Technologies, the company that has just hired her. Shay is mortified, and she tries to suppress her sexual desires and maintain a professional front. But the two Doms have other plans for her, and each of the men tries to win her submission for himself. A long-time friendly rivalry becomes much more as Shay becomes caught up in their power-play.

Lucas is darkly alluring, carefully calculating as he ruthlessly bends her to his will. Jonathan is spontaneous, using her body as he pleases. As the men show Shay what true submission is, she finds it impossible to separate sex from her emotions. She knows that she has to make a choice, and her heart knows who she truly wants.

But when Shay finally does make her decision, she finds that there are consequences for her actions. Can she escape with her love and her life intact? Find out in Torn: Caught between the Billionaires!

Bookish things: I quite like the cover, but the pose of the girl is anything but submissive. 214 pages, this version is comprised of the four novellas: Lucas, Jonathan, The Choice, and Consequences.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $3.99 or in paperback for $9.49

My review:  Bookshelves: indie-review-copies3-star-reviewhot-men,indie-authormade-me-angrynot-for-the-feint-hearted,romancesexysomething-missingva-va-voom

Recommended for: BDSM or erotica fans up for fantasy titillation
Read from August 12 to 13, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 1
Why must all the Doms be searingly hot and all subs be gorgeous women with body issues?I enjoyed this series, although there were a hell of a lot of WTF moments. Not at the sexy stuff either, that I get, I even enjoyed the wicked twist of the different styles of Dom too, but my issues were to do with the reactions of the characters. I didn’t understand the emotional yo-yoing that was happening. Not to mention the career issues that faced Shay and her decision to screw not one, but both her new bosses?! WTF?!Add to this, the almost out of the blue changes seen in Jonathan, it was like a completely new character, that was being moulded to the story instead of having been designed before the story. Now, if the changes were intended all along, then the writing has let down the story here, the lack of background information and the general pace of the story do not allow for full characters.This short series is NOT for newbies to the BDSM or erotic reading scene. It is full of some amazingly hot scenes, and some scenes that may be trigger points for people who do not handle abuse or rape of women. While in general, the scenes didn’t go too over the top, they might bother some readers.In short, I had issues with all the characters, the general pacing, the storyline and the unbelievability of the whole tale, that aside, if you would like a quick, hot BDSM read, give this series a try, it might be perfect for you if all you’re after is a bit of fantasy titillation.

**Note: I was provided with an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**

Ever found a book that has characters that just don’t seem to gel with the rest of the plot? Share your experiences below.

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