By The Sword ~ My review


3 stars

Historical fiction and romance come together in this tale

Synopsis: When Kate Ashley finds herself unwittingly the inheritor of the Thornton family estate of Seven Ways in Worcestershire, she could not have foreseen that, along with the impoverished estate, the respectable widow of a parliamentary officer, would find herself drawn into the last conflict of the English Civil War by her love for the fugitive royalist Jonathan Thornton.

Jonathan has returned from exile, carrying with him the vain hopes of the young King Charles II and the demons of his own dark past. In the aftermath of the battle of Worcester, Kate is caught between Jonathan and the man who has hunted him down over the years, the dour parliamentarian, Stephen Prescott. Jonathan comes face to face with his nemesis and learns the price he has paid for his long dead love, a secret that will change his life, and Kate’s, forever.

Bookish Things: 364 pages of story, the cover is lovely as is the norm with Alison’s books.

Where to buy: Smashwords and Amazon for $4.50

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Recommended for: Historical romance fans
Read from July 21 to 27, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 1

I didn’t love this one. I think it has to do with the fact that I didn’t really get to know Jonathan. I didn’t connect with him or swoon… unlike the other novels by Alison, this one sat a little awkwardly.

Kate Ashley was a different matter.  I thoroughly enjoyed her character. She is a very strong character. She’s tested time and time again, physically, mentally and emotionally, yet she still remains strong. I wasn’t too excited by the fact that almost instantly she fell in love with him, but I guess 6 years of lack of a man’s touch might make one a bit more eager to hop into bed with the ‘right’ one.

I enjoyed Nell’s character too, despite the fact that she was really everything Kate was not, I think she added a good dynamic to the whole tale. My favourite was Aunt Hen. I could picture her blustering about after everyone, being a loving, motherly woman.

I had a few little issues with Ann, and the use of the pet name ‘Nan’ for her. The first time I read it, I thought it was a typo, but as the book progressed I saw it for what it was – a pet name. The confusion occurred because it is so similar to her name. If she was always called Nan or Ann, it would have been ok, but it was switched around within the book… a little disjointing.

I liked the twists, but felt that they were a little obvious. The plot felt less spontaneous with this story, and more led along by a lead. Still enjoyable and with a few cameo parts of other characters from The King’s Man it was a welcome treat.

A few things I noticed:
34% – ‘…from the fire castin (casting?) his face into deep shadows.’
60% – ‘….a passage to the (delete the) Ireland, but…’
86% – ‘…with a bitter laugh. (“)But now I have…’

Do you enjoy historical fiction or Romance? Have you read any of Alison’s books? Did you enjoy them?

4 thoughts on “By The Sword ~ My review

  1. Hmm. I’m trying to figure out where that manor house – castle really is. I think it might be Bodiam…

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