An end to The Emperor’s Edge series…



Or is it?

Lindsay gives us book 7 in The Emperor’s Edge Series, the second part of Sicarius’ point of view story and the closer to this series. Have you read them yet? If not, go on, book #1 is free. What have you got to lose?

Synopsis: (There isn’t a synopsis on Goodreads) Amaranthe Lokdon survives her reckless plan to destroy the enemy’s weapon-filled super aircraft only to learn that thousands of people perished when it crash landed. Half of her team is missing… or dead. Meanwhile, the fighting in the capital has escalated, the Imperial Barracks have been taken by a pretender, and a deadly new danger threatens the populace. Amaranthe’s hopes of returning Emperor Sespian to the throne and bringing peace to the empire are dwindling by the hour.

To make matters worse, her strongest ally—and closest friend—has been captured and is under a powerful wizard’s control. If she can’t figure out a way to free Sicarius, he may kill them all when next they meet…

Bookish things: Another lovely cover, much the same as the first half of this last installment. 398 pages of epic action.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for $4.95 or on Smashwords for $4.95

My review: bookshelves: awesome-authors,     indie-author,     legendary-leading-ladies,     steampunk,     4-star-review,     a-lil-sexy,     hot-men,     smirk-worthy,     too-short

Recommended for: Everyone!
Read from July 18 to 21, 2013 — I own a copy, read count: 1

Is it wrong of me to wish that this story was about 50,000 pages long?

I was caught in the whirlwind of emotions as I simultaneously wanted to sprint through it to find out what happened and wanted it to go on forever so I didn’t have to say goodbye to this group of amazingly awesome characters. It, like all good things, sadly must eventually come to an end… this one was a good one. It was an ending befitting of the awesome series that is The Emperor’s Edge.

Why not 5 stars then?

The closure of this tale was long and winding, sad and exciting, fraught with danger and imbued with a lot of character growth. I loved getting to know more of Sicarius and the rest of the crew, the good and the bad, but again, as with book #6, I didn’t feel the same level of emotional connection as I did earlier in the series.

I’m not sure why this is.

I went in, expecting to bawl my eyes out, but wasn’t pushed to that point. This caused me to end up slightly disappointed that I wasn’t an emotional mess. Weird I know, but we loyal fans all enjoy reading so we can be emotionally raped and then walk away with a smile as we remember both the grisly and glorious details we experienced with the characters. This was missing from Forged in Blood parts 1 and 2.

Despite the lessening of my emotion connection with the characters I was still swept up in the story. I grinned idiotically at my kindle in parts, sighed in frustration at others, fanned myself ecstatically at a certain point… it kept me engaged, always throwing a curve ball when needed, encouraging me to keep reading when all seemed lost, practically poked my eyes out when the bad stuff was happening and I didn’t want to keep reading for fear of what might happen. Lindsay certainly packed an awful lot into this finale.

I do wonder, perhaps if there was a little too much packed in? Too much growth of certain characters, too little exploration of others (especially if you don’t know the added characters in this book). It did seem a little rushed and always go, go, go. I am a little conflicted in terms of the level of activity and action in this book. I felt it was all needed to complete the story, but it also felt a little too much at times.

Ultimately, though, this is a brilliant and awful conclusion of a fantastic series.

Brilliant for all the above reasons I’ve mentioned… awful because, well, it’s an ending.

I was however, pleasantly surprised that Lindsay incorporated a little note at the end saying she’d like to know who we’d like to hear more about. I want to say all of them…

Thanks Lindsay for a roller coaster ride with this flawed, imperfect, rag-tag group of characters who are now like family. I will miss reading about them, until next time.

What is the best final book in a series that you’ve read? Why did it work?

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