Night Realm ~ Vampires in Australia


2 stars

This story left a lot to be desired, but…

You may enjoy it. If you like crime/murder stories or all things vampire it may just be your cup of tea. It seems from the reviews that I’m one of a minority that didn’t like this book. It is boasting a number of 4 and 5 star reviews, compared to my single 2 star review.

Synopsis: Words: 88702 (approximate)

Night Realm is a Paranormal Detective novel set on Australia’s Gold Coast. It is the story of private detective, Ryan Fox. When he meets the beautiful Selena Thorne, Ryan’s life takes a detour into a dark world he thought only existed in folklore and in the minds of movie producers. Selena hires Ryan to acquire the unusual research of scientist, Doctor Marlon Becker. Becker is a hematologist and an expert in blood disorders. When Ryan discovers what the focus of Becker’s research is, it puts a whole new spin on things.

Chelsea, Ryan’s teenage sister, meets Travis and she soon realizes there is something very different about this attractive and mysterious new boy in town. A relationship quickly develops .No sooner has Chelsea fallen for Travis when she learns he’s not actually what he seems.

Meanwhile, Homicide Detective David Marks investigates a spate of strange murders, where victims appear to have had every drop of blood drained from their bodies, with the only apparent injuries being two puncture wounds on the throat. With no solid leads on a suspect and more people dying every few days, Marks is getting nowhere fast in his quest to apprehend the killer.

As the story unfolds the lives of the characters – both human and vampire – come together in a gripping climax where not everyone comes out alive, and not everything goes as planned.

Bookish things: 287 pages. The cover is not really all that relevant to the story, but it does look alright, although I immediately think of werewolves with the open mouth/moon as it draws my eyes there first.

Where to buy: Amazon on kindle for FREE or on Smashwords also for FREE.

My Review: Night Realm is a paranormal, young adultish book that incorporates a crime/detective story in too. The criminal side of the story was quite well researched and I thought it was believable, although not too intricately written. I would have liked to see more of that side of the story.

The paranormal side of the story leaves little to the imagination. It is much the same as any other vampire book, if you’ve read Twilight or Vampire Diaries you’ll likely know just about everything there is to know about being a vampire in this book (alas – they don’t sparkle).

The side stories and characters were flat, it was fairly obvious that they were created and introduced for the purpose of being killed or used in some way in the story. While the main character (Ryan) was fairly developed, his sister Chelsea, left quite a bit to be desired. Her thought processes seemed scattered and some of them completely out of character, or the character I created from my understanding of Darren’s writing at least.

I had issues with the haphazard way in which Travis (Chelsea’s mysterious boyfriend) was willing to do as Chelsea asked after such a short period in time of them being together. This ‘Oh, I’ve just met you but I will die for you, you must be my soul mate’ crap that’s cropping up in young adult books these days is seriously insane! It doesn’t work, it ruins an otherwise reasonable story most of the time and despite the fact that falling in love at that age does feel like that, it still leaves this reader with a very unnatural feeling.

The story in itself is not that bad. I probably would have given this a 3 out of 5, but I struggled immensely with the crazy amount of detail given to mundane every day things.

Each time Ryan entered a room we were given a run down on every piece of furniture and person in there, in intricate detail. Every time Ryan felt the need to have a shower, we knew every step of the process.

I get that certain chracters are habit driven, some are very alert and observant, but the reader simply does not need to know all that stuff UNLESS it adds to the character, further develops the plot or ties in later in some way. To me, this felt like there had been a word count total set and Darren fell about 10,000 words short. Seriously not needed.

An example of this was at about 23% in, I’m paraphrasing here, but each thing listed is mentioned in the story:

Ryan lathered himself up, danced around under the water, patted himself dry, brushed his hair, sprayed on cologne, put on his undies, picked black slacks over a suit, debated on a white, black or charcoal shirt, put his wallet in his back pocket and his keys in his front pocket.

This level of unimportant description was rife throughout the entire story. It is not needed.

I did notice a couple of other things:

55% – Why is it that no one even slightly thinks about the bite wounds being made by a vampire? Yes, we all believe they are not real, but just about everyone knows what one is and despite the immediate feeling of being stupid that would come from thinking it could be a vampire, it – to me at least – seems to be the first and most natural conclusion. They could of course then talk themselves out of it, but really, the fact that NO ONE says “Oh hey, that looks like a vampire bite” to me seems completely and utterly unnatural and unbelievable.

96% – ‘but I’m not (no) match for him, unfortunately.’

The ending… what can I say?!

It was cheesy and made me want to throw up a little in my mouth.

**Note: I was provided an electronic copy of this book in return for an honest review**

If you give this freebie a try, let me know what you think of it. 


2 thoughts on “Night Realm ~ Vampires in Australia

  1. This is a good, honest review. It’s great to get into detail at times, but not really for shower scenes unless it leads to something that is integral to the story. I also can’t understand why no one would say something like, ‘This wound is similar to a vampire bite, maybe we’ve got a perp who thinks they’re a vampire’, or something like that.

    • It does eventually come up, but not till quite late in the story, it’s a bit odd.

      I think a good strong editor who can help cull out the bulk would make this story quite solid. The crime aspect was great 🙂

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