I hate Cell Phones and I ain’t afraid to say so…

022812 MR Cell Phones Cover

2 stars

I hate cell phones and I cannot lie…

Actually, I can, and frankly I don’t hate cell phones (That’s such an American term) mobile phones, it’s simply the title of this very short, kinda pointless story.

Synopsis: All his life, Rodney “Red” Daley loved building bombs. Now, however, this retired weapons expert is in an assisted living home. Forced to play Bingo and checkers all day, Red attempts a daring escape. It’s no use. But then Red gets his hands on some wires, and a battery, and a timing device….

Bookish Things: This 31 page short story is just that. I think the cover is stock standard and rather boring. I don’t even like the title, the main character does say it a couple of times in the story, but it’s not really a key factor of the story.

Where to buy it: I can’t actually find anywhere to buy this. It’s not on Amazon or on Smashwords. I got it direct from the author.

My Review:

bookshelves: indie-review-copies2-star-reviewindie-author,something-missing

Read in June, 2013
Short, sad and almost completely pointless, this story did little to move past basic physical description.It was one dimensional, the main character turned from being a normal grumpy old man to a raging lunatic in the span of two lines. While this could be accounted for by senility or dementia, it isn’t properly explored (probably because of the length of the story – approx. 31 pages) it is suggested, hinted at, whispered throughout the story, but there was something missing.

I barely know anything about the main character, little is known about his life before or after the incident either. The language used, although part of his character, was rather shallow in terms of adding information for the reader. There were series of events that made no addition to the story either. Why were they there? Because it was fun to write?

The writing was sound in terms of the mechanics, unfortunately, the story just seemed completely pointless to me.

**NOTE: I was provided with an electronic version of this book in return for an honest review**

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2 thoughts on “I hate Cell Phones and I ain’t afraid to say so…

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