Draft #6 and final

Death By Red Pen... source: http://flic.kr/p/4cYEZz

Death By Pen…
source: http://flic.kr/p/4cYEZz

The last few steps…

So, I’ve let you all consider the last few points I’ve made. This also happens to be the last few steps before the ‘finished’ product.

Edit #6:

This edit was also about cutting. I stripped a further 10 words from this section.

Edit #6

Edit #6

Words: 540

The final result:

The final edit didn’t include much in the way of changes for the first part of my story. I did have changes through the document. The entire document (including the start of chapter 3) came to 2086 words.

Compare this with the original 2043 words (that’s only chapters 1 and 2). I’ve removed a number of superfluous words, made the text more succinct and I have picked better verbs, all this should help the reader to get a better picture of what I’m trying to say.

I submitted the story at this point, fairly happy with the metamorphosis it had taken from the first gritty version.

Keep an eye out for the final installment of this editing series, once I’ve gotten feedback from my teacher and the whole story as it currently stands.


4 thoughts on “Draft #6 and final

  1. Only a minor point: a wolf is lupine, a dog is canine. 🙂 Excellent editing walkthrough! Interesting how changing a word here and there makes a lot of difference.

    • Yay!! Someone else picked it up. It’s amazing how easily a little slip like that can occur. Not many people who read it, have picked that one.

      I must admit, canine came more easily while writing and to me felt a better fit (perhaps it’s because it’s one that more people know and understand even if it’s technically not correct) it could also have been that I haven’t written much about wolves before so I’m learning and researching as I go.

      Researching… now there’s something I’ve been doing a lot. Swords, sword fighting, types of trees, sounds wolves make when chasing down their prey, what sort of clothes they used to wear in the knight days… it all adds up. I’m going to be a master researcher by the end of this.

      Still hanging out for feedback from the teacher… this week she promised!

      Thanks again Tony.

      • I love research, the internet makes it so easy. For a scene in American Girl, I needed to know if it had snowed in San Diego between 1918 and 1939. Can’t even imagine how I would have researched that without ‘tinternets!

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