Forged in Blood ~ The Emperor’s Edge Series book #6



5 shining stars for Lindsay’s latest!

I have been hanging out for this book since the second I finished Lindsay’s last installment of The Emperor’s Edge series (see my review), now to tease us rabid fans more, she’s gone and cut the last book – and the subplot of Sicarius’ past and more exploration into his character – into two books (perhaps she’s been watching all these new movies coming out that are broken into parts?!) Regardless, I devoured this book in only a few short hours.

**Spoilers below**

Synopsis: The emperor has been ousted from the throne, his bloodline in question, and war is descending on the capital. Forge, the nefarious business coalition that has been manipulating the political situation from the beginning, has the ultimate weapon at its disposal.

If it was difficult for a small team of outlaws—or, as Amaranthe has decided they should now be called, rebels—to make a difference before, it’s a monumental task now. If she’s to return idealistic young Sespian to the throne, earn the exoneration she’s sought for so long, and help her closest ally win the respect of the son who detests him, she’ll have to employ an unprecedented new scheme… preferably without destroying the city—or herself—in the process.

Bookish things: A super quick read (approx. 124,000 words) all wrapped up in a glorious cover. Brilliantly presented as always Lindsay!

Where to  buy: Amazon on kindle for $4.95, Smashwords also for $4.95 and Lindsay also puts other buying site information on her website/blog.

My review: Can you say cliffhanger?!

Lindsay has once again sucked me into Amarathe and Sicarius’ world – not like it was that hard though – and I now find myself agitatedly waiting for the last installment of this series.

I loved being able to see how Sicarius’ brain works, how he perceives things and how hard he is on himself.

There were times where I wanted to scream in frustration – come on Lindsay! Will it happen eventually or are you having too much fun teasing us?! Other times I chuckled and enjoyed the humor.

If there were something negative to say about this book, it would be that I didn’t feel as emotive as I should have at the apex of the emotional climax (those who’ve read this should know what I am referring to) I wanted to feel like I couldn’t bear to read anymore, like my heart was being ripped out of my chest and stomped on, or Sicarius had flung his notorious black blade into my chest, alas, I didn’t quite get there.

This was a touch of a let down given how much I adore these characters.

Still, it’s an engaging and entertaining read. Bring on Forged in Blood #2!!

Now to wait for a few months. Don’t you just hate waiting for new books? How long is the longest you’ve had to wait for the next book in a series or the next book by your favourite author?

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