Monsieur ~ erotic literature, or is it?!


2 stars

This book (and by extension this review) is not suitable for anyone under the age of 18yrs.

Synopsis: From their initial online encounter, through a shared appreciation of erotic literature, to the highly explicit and shocking story of their brief relationship, Emma Becker charts the labyrinths of lust of Ellie and ‘Monsieur’, set against the murky landscape of Facebook, text messages and the Pigalle hotel room in which they meet every Tuesday morning.

Why do we do things we know are wrong? Why do May-to-December romances invariably go wrong? Why does the allure of forbidden sex cloud our judgments? Emma Becker doesn’t come up with all the answers, but provides a fascinating and poignant tale, which will turn Monsieur into the new Lolita.

Bookish things: 274 pages of some of the most graphic and colourful language I’ve probably ever read. Certainly not for the youngsters, this is an 18+ book only!

Where to buy: Amazon has it on kindle for $9.99 or in paperback for $11.01 – I personally wouldn’t bother buying this, I’d suggest if you’re interested, borrowing it from someone who has a copy (I have a copy I’d be happy to send to anyone who’s interested!)

My review: Review to come…

And no, that pun wasn’t intended.

Things you will need to know about Monsieur before you pick it up:
1. This book is about sex
2. This book is about kinky sex (primarily anal sex)
3. This book is VERY descriptive and holds nothing back (and I do mean nothing!)
4. It also uses some very colourful language, so if you’re not a fan of the C-bomb and various other words used to describe that part of the female anatomy, this book is NOT for you.

Things I’d like to say:
1. Emma Becker is a great writer. Some of the imagery was truly amazing. It flowed, it drew the reader in and it sucker-punched you in the guts after.
2. Emma Becker’s brilliant writing was wasted on this book. A hefty claim I know, but she could have been writing a warm romance instead of this erotic (some wouldn’t call it that at all) tale about a slightly over-the-hill lolita and her affair with Monsieur the much older, married-with-children Doctor.
3. Monsieur was an ASSHOLE!
4. Ellie was an idiot
5. I wanted to punch him in the twig and giggle-berries repeatedly, with extreme force.

What you should take away from this review:
I have a strong respect for Emma, her writing was amazing and she’s brave to delve so far into this style for one so young. If you’re a fan of erotic literature you may also enjoy this book as there is quite a lot of appreciation for the classics in here.

If you have a desire to read some lovely prose AND you can handle a lot of sex, gratuitous use of foul language and the raging torrent of emotional torment that is expressed, give Monsieur a try, you may just like what you see.

**NOTE: I won this book in a first reads competition***

Further thoughts since writing the review:

I’ve read a lot of the reviews this book has gotten (a lot of 1 and 2 star reviews), while I too ranked it as a 2 star book I feel as though for the right audience it’d be fantastic. Where I think this book falls short is in who they’ve targeted to read it. The PR guys liken this to The Story of O and while it is erotic in nature, I don’t see really any other similarities outside the fact that there is a male and female having sex in the book.

Have you ever read anything like this? If so, what are your thoughts? If not, would you be interested in reading something of this genre, why or why not?


6 thoughts on “Monsieur ~ erotic literature, or is it?!

  1. Maybe this is an attempt to jump onto the 50 Shades bandwagon. It’s a shame when good writers sell their soul for the sake of a dollar. I don’t read erotica (I don’t write it either because it ends up like a comedy).

    “twig and giggle-berries” ??? I had a huge laugh over this, what a fantastic description 😀

    • I would have to agree with you on that Dianne, but it was actually published before 50SoG, so perhaps Emma when writing it wasn’t thinking along that line, but the PR guys might have when selling it recently.

      I can’t take credit for coming up with that saying, I just happen to like using it when appropriate 🙂

  2. Twig and Giggle-berries is now my phrase of the day. 😉

  3. It’s always a shame when fantastic writing is ruined by thoroughly unlike-able or too-flawed characters…

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