Inspiration and encouragement

Normally I write about things in a primarily writerly or readerly sense here, but today, I feel that I need to highlight something I’ve been talking about with a few of my friends that spans across ones whole life.

The need for inspiration and encouragement in your life and the effect that can have on you.

Yes! You can! Photo credit:

Yes! You can!
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Recently for me, this has come into play in relation to getting fit and healthy (which is still a work in progress!) and how a lot of my real life friends either live too far away, are too busy with family or are not interested in the types of fitness I am. This meant that I was on my own. I gathered my courage and changed gyms and got a new trainer in my attempt to better myself. Since that change, I’ve made new friends who ARE into my favourite types of fitness. These friends are a constant source of inspiration and encouragement as well as offering me opportunities to challenge myself. These friends inspire me in different ways – each of them has a special ‘something’ that they bring to our friendship.

They can range from a person just being awesome and someone I aspire to be like, or in the case of my trainer, someone who issues me with challenges and is an endless source of encouragement, or right down to that person who struggles against their own challenges but still remains positive and full of energy. Each one brings something to the friendship, something uniquely them.

Thinking on this over the last few days, I’ve come to realise how important this is to my mental health. By surrounding myself with people who chant ‘Yes you can!’ instead of people who chant ‘No you can’t’ I, by association, osmosis, or some other such thing start thinking ‘Yes, I can!’ too. This of course, feeds into your confidence and self-esteem, if you start achieving things you didn’t think you could, your mental state turns to a positive one and this changes your outlook on life. Even when failure occurs, having a strong network of supportive friends and family can encourage you to keep trying. I have also come to realise, that I value these people in my life considerably, that if any one of them left, there would be a gaping hole that I would struggle to fill.

The same can be said for my writing goals. By surrounding myself with other writerly and book nerd-ish types I tend to live, eat and breathe writing and reading. This shows that those people inspire me and encourage me to continue with my hopes and dreams. By nurturing the friendships I’ve forged with people in real life and online who are also writers and readers they’ve encouraged me to keep writing, keep trying new things. There are people I look up to and aspire to be like (for example: Tony Talbot, Dianne Gray and Georgina Anne Taylor just to name a few) these people I look to for advice and inspiration and in the case of their writing, enjoyment and escapism.

The inspiration and encouragement does not just come from those who write books, but also my fellow bloggers. Those creative folk in the blogosphere who fill my day with little glimpses into their souls are a constant source of amusement, encouragement, inspiration and humour. People like Whoa Molly, Bottledworder and Dave guide me on a regular basis through thoughts, ideas and take me on adventures with them. They make me think about things in different ways, highlight new points of view, encourage me to try new things and generally make my life a happier place to be.

In their own unique ways these people touch my life, they help me to make myself a better version of me.

And for that I am incredibly thankful.

All of this makes me want to be a better person, so that I can be the source of inspiration, encouragement and support to my friends as they have been for me.

Who in your life do you turn to for inspiration and encouragement? Give them a shout out below and let them know you appreciate them.

4 thoughts on “Inspiration and encouragement

  1. I’m very flattered you mentioned me here. I feel like one of the people standing behind you at the gym shouting ‘you can do it!’! 😀

    I’ve been offline for a few days and this is the first thing I read this morning (I haven’t even read the paper yet). What a great start to my day. Now I can feel you behind me shouting ‘you can do it!’!

    I’ve found some guys who are very keen to get to work on the RUC so I’ve been out there watching their progress. I never thought I’d love the sound of sawing and hammering so much 😉

    • You totally are one of those people Dianne! Though, I haven’t seen or heard you while at the gym 😉 I know you would be cheering me on if you were.

      I am so glad your fantastic RUC is coming along. I do catch up on your posts when they come about. I especially enjoyed the gecko ones haha! Actually made me LOL for real!

  2. That was one of the sweetest things anyone has said to me as a writer. Thank you!

    I try to be encouraging, because sometimes we all need all the help we can get, and it’s not in my nature to be otherwise. Writing is a lonely job, and any company – virtual or otherwise – is always a good thing.

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