It’s time for another giveaway!

I was approached by this lovely lady…

Meet Derrolyn Anderson!

Meet Derrolyn Anderson!

Derrolyn emailed me just the a couple of days ago letting me know that she’d released the second book in her The Athena Effect Series. Now as some of you will know I gave away a copy of book #1 a while ago and even more recently I’ve read and reviewed it too. A brilliant read for anyone interested in an easy to read YA story. Happily, Derrolyn’s suggested giveaway coincided with my looming 6000 views milestone. So thanks to Derrolyn, check out the below details for the giveaway!

The giveaway!!!

Moving onto the fantastic gift that Derrolyn has offered to my lucky, lucky readers and what you have to do in order to go into the running to win.

You can win an electronic copy of both The Athena Effect and The Mackenzie Legacy via coupon code at Smashwords, which means you can get it in your ereader format or for the PC or tablet.


But wait… there’s more!

The lucky winner will also receive a hand-made charm bracelet loaded with little trinkets that tie in with the story:

I love the little motorbike charms!

I love the little motorbike charms!

They’re approx 9’’, antique gold tone metal, with assorted charms (little hamsas & motorcycles!) and a lobster claw closure.

How do you enter?!

I know you’re all chomping at the bit to get your hands on this swag of goodies, so without further ado I’ll outline the details below:

Entrants must be over the age of 16 or obtain their legal guardians consent to enter this competition as postal/residential addresses will be required to receive the gift.

This giveaway is open to people everywhere, so if you live in Antarctica, Timbuktu or anywhere in between you can enter!!

Entries are open today and close on 10th of May 2013.

What you must do:

In order to go into the draw for this fantastic prize simply click on the link to the rafflecopter entry form below:

The Mackenzie Legacy Giveaway!


2 thoughts on “It’s time for another giveaway!

  1. Sounds like fun, I would totally enter the contest… but I don’t tweet… or twitter… or whatever. Oh well!

    • Hi J.L. I have fixed it now, so that none of the options are mandatory (can you tell I’m a newbie at using rafflecopter?) You should be able to enter now using one of the other options.

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