You Are Here: Pancakes and Poker

What would you get if you mixed competitive eating with a competitive game of poker?

Pancakes and Poker is what!


Lots of serious poker faces going on here…

An interesting mix I know, but this is what the You Are Here  crowd set up this event. The description of this event by the YAH guys:

In an amazing attempt to marry poker palace fun with competitive eating, poker professional Chris Wood is going to hold court in Pancake Parlour this Saturday afternoon. Suitable for all levels of poker players and pancake eaters, Chris will take you through instructions, and even better, tricks of the trade.

I attended, but due to my rigorous timetable, I had to leave early to get to the next event across the city.

Here’s my review:

The blurb for this event had me salivating at the thought of delicious Pancake Parlour fare. When the tutelage of Chris Wood, poker professional and competitive eating enthusiast, was added to that already delicious temptation, how could I resist?

To begin the event, Chris ran through some basics of playing poker, showed a video of some professional eating contests, and explained how he planned to mix the two together.

Cramming six adults around the booth-style seating made for a cozy game of poker, but participants didn’t seem to mind. With a fistful of chips for each player, both of the games began.

While no money changed hands, there was plenty to keep the players busy. Furrowed brows, serious eyes, mathematics and statistics were scattered across the tables as people weighed up the odds, counted cards and searched for their opponent’s weaknesses. The rustle of plastic-coated card against plastic-coated card being shuffled filled the room to occasionally be overshadowed by cries of joy from the rampant children elsewhere in the bowels of the Pancake Parlour. Still, the games continued unabated.

As the piles of chips grew larger and larger, the games became more intense and focused. When that ‘all in’ bet was shouted, we all crowded around – a possible full house hand versus a straight: which would win? The poker gods were being wily, and despite the higher odds of the full house winning, as the six of hearts was turned over the opponent’s straight was crowned victorious.

For those who aren’t poker buffs, it might have been like slipping through a portal to another world, or listening to people speak in a different language. There was no need to worry; Chris was there to act as a guide with tips and tricks and to help bridge the language gap.

Unfortunately for me, I didn’t get to sample the elusive pancake short stack. I had to leave while the tournaments were still underway, but it was clear from pictorial proof received via the You Are Here twitter feed after the event, that there were indeed pancakes to be had once the poker matches had been completed and a winner crowned.

Have you ever tried cometitive eating? Are you any good at poker? Let me know in the comments below!

9 thoughts on “You Are Here: Pancakes and Poker

  1. The closest I have been to competitive eating is not blanching when offered unknown foods. I was eating them out of curiosity and not a desire to prove I could though.

    I am not bad a poker; however, I am not interested enough in it to get better so will remain a casual player.

    • It was quite involved really, way too much maths and statistics for my brain on a pancake-less morning.

      I find the street vendors in Asian cities to be my version of your competitive eating Dave, you just never really know you could be eating 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Pancakes and Poker! What a mix 😀 This is a great review (no – I don’t play poker, my face gives the game away) 😀 But I do love pancakes 😉

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