You Are Here: ALEV

This event was the one I was most keen to see. It was the first event I picked from the entire program and I’m so glad I went to see it. I wasn’t able to take photos of the performers while they were performing. This is the photo provided to the YAH festival from a different event. In the photo is Seker Pare

Image by Brett Sargeant

Image by Brett Sargeant

The event:

Taking place at Kremlin Bar in the city, ALEV was a line-up of burlesque dancers, a cabaret singer and a full of energy funk band. Happily, Alev is a repeat occurance here, each time a little different. It can include drag kings and queens, comedy and other singers and bands.

My review:

Burlesque beauties beckon at ALEV

Friday 15th of March was a day of firsts: my first late night gig for You Are Here, my first time at Kremlin Bar, and my first ever burlesque show. Is there a better way to pop that cherry than with some of Canberra’s best burlesque beauties filling the stage and baring all for the crowd?

ALEV, which is Turkish for flame, came alive in the lavish environ that is Kremlin Bar on Northbourne. The curtains, thick carpets and twinkling chandeliers added to the sensory delight of this cozy little place.

Sassy MC Melina Fahrenheit welcomed us and introduced Ivy Ambrosia, who opened the night with a lovely, albeit sad tune by Deana Carter – Did I shave my legs for this? Her soulful voice coupled with the country music had the crowd primed and ready for the rest of the fun and frivolities.

ZoOpaGOo was up next. What’s a ZoOpaGOo I hear you ask? I didn’t know either, but this highly energetic funk band produced some of the most interesting music I’ve heard. Funklestiltskin Chickenstrut who was clad in a 70s brown suit, wearing sunglasses inside and doing robot dance moves lead the band who brought a supersonic level of energy to the room.

The initial dance by burlesque legend Seker Pare was, sadly, a little underwhelming. Seker’s performance was fraught with pauses, and even a “this is so shit” from the performer herself. Luckily, Deb Delicious, draped in a royal blue dress, provided the crowd with a thrilling show of undulating hips and sultry looks that could melt even the coldest heart.

Ivy reclaimed the stage, this time with a rather comic song, Let’s do it by Victoria Wood. A few mixed up lyrics and some wobbly notes, left Ivy a little flustered, but she managed to close the deal to a cheering audience.

To finish up the night, the burlesque beauties performed again. Deb Delicious (who won Miss Kitka’s Kitten of the year in 2010) raised the bar in the burlesque stakes. Her final performance saw her battle it out with the Devil himself. Wickedly funny, the half demon, half woman costume was a highlight of the evening.

Seker’s final show was truly amazing, her feather fan blades and sparkly undergarments matched the soft and sultry music. She tempted and teased the crowd, revving the place into a veritable firestorm of temptation.

The grand finale, however, was one many of the crowd had been waiting for all night. Melina Fahrenheit closed with a tantalizingly teasing burlesque routine that brought down the house.

Have you ever attended a burlesque show? Do you do burlesque dancing? It looks like a lot of fun!

4 thoughts on “You Are Here: ALEV

  1. It sounds like you had a brilliant night. I’ve never been to Kremlin Bar (that I remember) 😉 The burlesque sounds fantastic!

  2. Burlesque can be so much fun! Especially when the performers get really clever with it. I did some burlesque for a little bit back in…oh, maybe 2006? 2007? I was more of a neo-burlesque fan, old-style themes, modern music. It was fun but I am a terrible dancer so I left it for the professionals, ha!

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