Every Move You Make – a review



Every breath you take… *ahem* sorry…

So, here we are again with Ann Somerville. I had to read book #2 super quick. I wanted to know what happens next with Nick and Anton. Well, Ann certainly does deliver! Check out her books today for a romp through crime and mystery all wrapped up in smirk worthy dialogue and enjoyable characters.

Synopsis: In the sequel to ‘Unnatural Selection’, Nick and Anton have settled into a comfortable arrangement with Nick dropping over on his free days for sex and company. This suits Nick just fine – even though he knows Anton wants more.  Attending a glamorous event pushes them into the public eye as a couple, leading to unmerciful teasing from Nick’s friends. He doesn’t mind too much until the attention turns deadly, and he must discover who’s harrasing his friends and lover, before somebody ends up dead.

My thoughts: 75 pages of awesome! The pace of this one was spot on. Constant pressure to keep reading, the breadcrumb trail was perfectly lain and it encouraged you to just read one more page, one more sentence…

Where to buy: This book can be bought on its own from Smashwords for $2.99 or as part of the full collection of three stories for $5.99. The same options are available on Amazon – single for $3.99 or part of the collection for $6.99.

Review: After surviving the trials and tribulations of book #1, Nick Guthrie is back! The greatest thing about that, is that he is actually not trying to push the reader away in this instalment.

I liked this change in him, I loved where his mentality is heading when it comes to relationships too, he is starting to become a real catch.

If you, as the reader got through book 1, and are keen for more of the same, hold onto your hats! The mystery in this story was taken to a new high! I loved how realistic and creepy it all became, the bleeding of the terror into every aspect of Nick’s life gave it such a real ness that other books I have read in similar veins often miss.

Another quick read, this one shows just how well Ann can envelope the reader into the story and still leave them guessing.

The M/M in this book is a little stronger and more in focus, but is still rather mild. I think that the witty banter between Nick and Anton was brilliant, often causing me to grin stupidly at my kindle.

If these boys were real, I can imagine being good friends with them.

**Note: I was provided an electronic version of the book in return for an honest review**


5 thoughts on “Every Move You Make – a review

  1. Now I have The Police singing in my head!

  2. Another great review – though I still don’t know if I could dive into the M/M parts of these novels! 😯

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