Fairy Tales for Freya a review

Fairy Tales for Freya by Georgina Anne Taylor



Georgina (Gina) is a fellow Aussie, she was represented previously, but now she’s self published. A number of her books and short stories range in genre from pure fantasy to gothic fantasy to even bordering on slightly erotic in nature. Gina is an active author on social media sites like Goodreads, but also spends a great deal of time tending to her farm in Tasmania. 

Synopsis: Four short fairy tales: Woman of the Well, The Piper, Crystalline and Slipstream. Deep within a tangled forest where shadows pooled between the ancient trees and black-winged ravens perched high on twisted lichen covered limbs, a young man lay dying…

Thoughts: 19 pages of awesome. This is a very quick read, but a great introduction to Gina’s writing style.

Where to buy: Currently Free (possibly staying that way too…) on Amazon and Smashwords.

Review: Four deliciously poetic tales here by Georgina.

If you enjoy a good fairytale, you’ll probably devour this way too short book. Each short story is beautifully written, sensually enticing and was pure bliss to read.

The sad part about this being a collection of short tales, is that the characters that Georgina so masterfully paints do not have time enough to worm their way into your heart and hold you hostage. I think Georgina’s other, longer tale (The Taint: Sorrow’s Child) will be a truly gut-wrenching experience because it has time to get to you.

Woman of the Well was my favourite of the four stories. I liked the very creepy/sensual (yes, a strange combination I know!) ending. It was giving me goosebumps as I read it.

The Piper and Crystalline both were solid short stories on their own, but I didn’t enjoy them as much as the Woman of the Well. To me they came across as a little bit too short, and a little less well-rounded. They were both still good, but benefitted from being teamed up with the other two stories.

Slipstream reminded me of a story/fable I’d read before, with a wicked twist. Georgina’s poetic lilting prose really works well with the fairytale type stories.

Give this teasingly short tidbit a try and see if you too enjoy her writing.


6 thoughts on “Fairy Tales for Freya a review

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  2. Delighted that you enjoyed them, Lynxie, and to be on your lovely blog! :):) Gina.

  3. I’m heading over to Smashwords right now! I love short(ish) stories. Hubby’s going to a funeral this afternoon, so I’ve set myself up for reading while he’s out…

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