Endorphins lead to creativity

Perhaps not endorphins directly (or maybe they do, can someone who knows fill me in?), but feeling good and happy certainly leads to me feeling more creative. I feel on top of the world after I’ve done a great workout. I feel like a regular badass, I feel full of energy and determination and like I could open a can of whoopass on just about anyone (this could also be the beginning of a big head or a bit of cockiness on my behalf!)

On Friday morning, I rocked up at the gym to meet my Personal Trainer. He’s a few years younger (ok, ok, 7 years!) than me and is built like nobody’s business. He’s competed and broken records in powerlifting competitons and bodybuilding competitons here in Aus. Crazy awesome in my books! Anyway, I rocked up on Friday morning to my second ever session with Jez, and he took me outside, strapped me to a SUV tyre, threw a 10kg (22lb) plate on top and got me to drag it around the gravel car park!

How badass does this look?! Photo credit: http://flic.kr/p/852FKJ

How badass does this look?!
Photo credit: http://flic.kr/p/852FKJ

Aside from having to dodge cars trying to actually park their cars in the gravel carpark (pish, the nerve of some people) it was a fantastic workout for my glutes and quads. I finished up after two lengths up and back going forward and then two lengths up and back going backwards.

After the rest of my work out (which I’m happy to share. If you guys are actually interested in this… let me know) I was positively bouncing off the walls. My energy levels were high, I was smiling I was full of beans. My creativity was bursting at the seams and all I wanted to do was sit down and nut out the rest of my novel.


Work happened and that quickly stifled my creativity, but I did capture some great ideas and further processed various plot points and character growth.

Do you find you’re more creative after working out? Shopping? Sleeping? What works for you and what doesn’t when it comes to capturing that creativity?


3 thoughts on “Endorphins lead to creativity

  1. I find I am more creative when I have been doing something in which I need to focus but not reason about; for example, exercise, washing crockery, gardening.

    My theory is that my concious does not call up most of my mind for these tasks leaving me free to form unconscious associations, &c.

    Conversely if I try to b be creative, my conscious ties up resources on trying to decide what creative is.

  2. My exercise regime is more…relaxed…for restoring my creativity. I go for a long enough walk and I’ll kind of drop into a Zen state, almost meditating while I do. A few other people have said they’ve experienced the same thing. Surprisingly you can go for a walk and come back more relaxed. Gotta love those endorphins: Natures anti-depressant!

    • I think I get too stimulated mentally from my surroundings or inner thoughts to drop into a zen state. Although, walking could be a great plotting tool for test driving ideas mentally before committing to anything.

      Thanks for stopping by Tony 🙂

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