Christmas cooking capers

And so the fun begins…

I have been keeping myself busy these last few days with getting prepared for and cooking various Christmas goodies to give away as gifts.

I thought you guys might like to see where I have been spending my hours and creative juices these last few days.


These are my pudding cookies. A chocolate biscuit base, one large partially melted marshmallow and a heap of melty goodness (a.k.a milk chocolate) later, top with more white melty goodness and half a red glacé cherry and a sliver of a green one.


These were a big hit at work! They look great and it is just enough sugar for one 😀

I also tried my hand at butter shortbread biscuits. This didn’t go quite so well. I put too much butter in and they went crumbly. The kitchen looked like a casualty ward for little shortbread men!

You can see we had a homicide…

The finished product: a batch to make 20 full biscuits with the lemon butter resulted in 6 full biscuits and one messy kitchen. I did decide to crack open my gel icing writing pens to give each little chap some personality.


My favourite (which I gave to hubby to “taste test”) was my ninja Ned Kelly (the one with the white pants) he was more deadly than Chuck Norris!

After my sort of failed attempt, I moved into more familiar territory with some pudding pops. These guys consisted of a light fruitcake with added chocolate among other tasty things. You then chill and attach them to the lollipop stick. Top with white chocolate and jube lollies in fruit-like shapes.


I tell you, cutting up Jubes was harder than I thought. They kept sticking to my fingers, the knife, my fingers again, the chopping board… I think you get the idea.

I wrapped them individually in clear cellophane lolly bags and finished it off with some Christmassy coloured ribbon.

I also ventured into making fruit mince pies this year. I think they were quite interesting. I had issues with my kitchen equipment, in that I didn’t have the right sized muffin trays and I had to smooth two pies bases together to form a bigger one.

Aside from that, they turned out pretty well.

Lastly, I created these fantastic giant Santa cookies. Each one is about the size of my hand! Or a bread plate.

Each batch makes 6 Santas.


Decorating them was fun. With TicTacs for eyebrows, gel writing icing for eyes and nose, white icing covered in coconut for the beard and red (or in this case, deep pink) coloured icing for the hat.


I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season and that it is filled with laughter, love, hope and Christmas cheer.

Share some of your cooking capers in the comments below.


4 thoughts on “Christmas cooking capers

  1. You’ve done a great job! These look fantastic 😉 I’m the only ‘non-cook’ in my family so I just sit back on Christmas day and enjoy everyone else’s creativity! 😀

    Have a wonderful day and enjoy 😉

    • Thanks Dianne! It was good fun, and now I get to make the Santas and the pudding cookies again for our trip to Melbourne. Fun times!

      Hope you have a very merry Christmas!

  2. They look good enough to eat!

    • I can tell you, the shortbread was great, I tried one of the pudding cookies too, but I don’t know about the rest 🙂

      I think I did pretty well restraining myself from sampling one or two of everything I cooked 🙂

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