Something to change you

I thought I would drop in quickly (it’s been a few days since I last posted) and let you in on what I’ve been reading this week.

Pat Bertram is a published author of several books (I haven’t read any though! I will have to ammend that oversight), she is a prolific blogger here on WordPress and she is sharing her journey through the grief of losing her life mate/soul mate/partner.

What struck me initially, outside of her often gut-wrenchingly emotional posts, was the understanding she seems to have for the grief that still filters into her everyday life.

It’s heading to three years since her partner passed away, and as Pat has so openly shared, the pain and grief is still haunting her. It seems to find innumerous ways to seep through.

I’ve spent a fair bit of time over these last few days reading about Pat’s pregression through the early days, the pain, the suffering, the hurt and anger that at once seems so raw and all-consuming. To reading some of her more recent posts and how the grief has changed, morphed into something else. Something less gnarly, but equally as encompasing and pervading.

One of the many things I have taken away from my reading of Pat’s blog is that there is hope. We all grieve in different ways, it lingers with some. Some people hide it, put it in a box in the recesses of their mind or bury it along with the loved one they lost. Others, like Pat (and hopefully myself in the coming weeks and months and years) explore it, write about it, try to understand it and learn from it.

We will never forget. We will never be the same. We will never stop loving and missing them.

If you’re curious, have experienced your own losses, still dealing with grief or just want to offer your thoughts/kind words to Pat, please do check out her blog.

I think it will change you. I know it has changed me.

3 thoughts on “Something to change you

  1. Pat sounds like an amazing woman – I’m going over there now 😉

  2. Great post. I got into blogging through reading the blog of a chicky called Lori, who blogs over at Her husband took his own life about 18 months ago and her blogs are amazing, gut wrenching, honest and real. Her journey through grief, so documented, is a really beautiful testament to the strength this woman has. Thanks for the blog recommendation, I will be sure to take a look.

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