A review of The Moon Dwellers by David Estes

The Moon Dwellers



Here is my review:

The Moon Dwellers is book #4 of David Estes that I have read. I believe it is also his strongest.

Adele, who is named after his wife, is one strong, gutsy and determined young lady. I did have thoughts throughout the book that perhaps she was a little too perfect, that when things got bad, she got badder. When crap things happened around her, although her reactions appeared realistic, she seemed to handle them a little too well. This made her seem a little fake to me. She’s only 17, not 30, and while she has experienced a lot for a 17 year old, I couldn’t help but struggle to see how she was still so grounded and didn’t freak out like a 17 year old probably would.

The slightly too perfect Adele was a good contrast with Tristan. I liked Tristan and Roc way more than Adele. This wasn’t because of their rugged good looks either…
Tristan and Roc seemed much more realistic, more developed and believable. I liked the banter between the two, it felt real and warm and added an element to their relationship that Adele seemed to be missing.

I wanted to see and feel more of the pain and anguish, but then for a YA book, I suppose some distance is still needed.

There were a lot of unanswered questions from Moon Dwellers, to which I am intending to find the answers for some in Star Dwellers, which will be added to my TBR list.

Although I enjoyed this, hence the 4 star rating, there were faults. Some of the background could have been fleshed out a bit more, some more world building would have been nice too. I wanted a few more issues for the team to come across and not be able to deal with too quickly. That would be my biggest gripe about Moon Dwellers. The good guys always seemed to know just how to deal with the problem, if they didn’t, there was someone there to bail them out, if there wasn’t someone to bail them out, someone was able to fight their way out or otherwise escape. This seemed to me, to be too easy for them.

I hope Star Dwellers is a little more complicated and a little less easy for the good guys.


7 thoughts on “A review of The Moon Dwellers by David Estes

  1. I read the book ages ago thanks to a goodreads group that needed reviewers to read Estes’s ARC. I will definitely rewrite a review now that I have my own blog, I think it was one of the best dystopian reads I have ever read. I think David is very talented and I hope his books will be read by every bookworm out there.
    I do believe that it left some questions unanswered but the sequel must have tackled them (I hope!)

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  3. Here’s my review… 3/5. I posted a PM for you Goodreads, if you want to read the whole thing!

    On the whole, I agree with you. What I missed was atmosphere. How cold were the caves? What did the air feel like, how did the shadows dance on the walls as they walked? How could Tristan see so well in the moon realm?

  4. Great review – I know what you mean by the ‘too easy for the goodguys’ comment. I often find this in movies where an escape plan or outcome is overly convenient! 😉

  5. I skimmed it, I’m reading it myself…but I will be back!

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