Twisty plot bunnies

A little jig here, a toe tap there. Twist and shake bunnies, twist and shake!

I’m referring of course, to those two cute little bunnies in the photo above. They look like they’re dancing to a fine tune! But what do you do when your plot bunnies behave in a similar manner? When your story takes a turn away from what you had planned and into the unknown?

The unknown

Come for a walk with me into it. Like this fantastic photo above.

My NaNo project has taken a walk into the unknown. What started out as a purely fantasy novel, has very quickly turned into a dark fantasy or fantasy/horror mix. If you’ve liked my Facebook page for Coffee2words you’ll have been getting treated to WIP teasers every now and then. Some of the feedback so far has been very good – which of course makes me all happy and giddy inside.


What if I didn’t want to pursue a horror novel? What if the creepiness that is seeping out of my brain and through my fingers onto the screen is creeping me out (yep, it’s happened twice now!) I’m a big scaredy-cat! I hate watching horror movies, I run away from dark thrillers and I will NOT watch the creepy likes of The Ring, The Grudge, The hills have eyes or Paranormal Activity 1, 2, 3 or 4. So why have I started down this path? When did the plot bunnies decide to jump from good ol’ fantasy into the creepy version?



My scaredy-catness aside here, where the hell did that stuff come from? I think if I was dreaming this stuff, I’d be an insomniac. Is it some repressed dark side? Am I fantasising some of the darker emotions out into a fantasy novel? That could take some deeper self-reflection, time and patience to understand that. Time I do not have right now as I’m in the throws of NaNoWriMo.

A small taste…

I figured there are some of you out there who would be better versed and vastly more experienced with the horror/thriller genre than myself. So, I thought I’d share a small taste of what has been gracing my NaNo induced writing screen. (Please forgive the scruffiness of this – it’s the rough, ROUGH draft!)

The tongue slithered down the creature’s body down towards her stomach. Its heavy, slimy mass leaving pools of bloody saliva on her clothes. It moved slowly, languidly to the edge of her top, the prehensile tip slithering underneath and moving to her belly button. It stroked her bare stomach gently, leaving a trail of saliva around her now exposed navel.

It inched up her stomach and across her heaving rib cage. It paused and tapped gently at the place where her heart was hammering inside of her chest, the slim tip licking the tender flesh there before moving further up to the collarbone. The vile black appendage salivated across both collarbones and tasted the soft flesh of the underside of her chin.

Lola clamped her mouth shut, gritting her teeth, determined to not allow the snake-like tongue into her mouth again. She frowned in defiance as she stared up at the gaping maw of the creature. The tongue pooled its coil on her chest again and rose up in front of her vision. She watched the tip waver calmly above her face. It was waiting for her to open her mouth.

She tried to thrash her head away from the tongue, but the two strong hands holding her head would not allow her to move it at all. She wanted to scream. She wanted to yell all the curse words she knew at the evil being on top of her, but she remained silent. Screaming in defiance inside her head and shooting daggers of hatred at the black tongue with her eyes.

A small twitch of the creatures head was the only warning she got. The hands holding her head shifted and two long green fingers from each hand extended onto her face and forced her eyelids open. The tongue rose menacingly into her vision again, swaying hypnotically. Lola barely had time to register the gentle pulsing that was evident underneath the creature’s skin, before the tongue launched itself at her right eye.

The tiny black maw she’d felt envelope her tongue earlier opened wickedly and bit into her eye. She screamed, thrashing violently underneath the creature and tried to force her eyelids shut, but it kept them open with its long fingers as the tongue ingested the dribbling remains of her right eye. The tongue’s small mouth devoured the gooey remnants of her eye, bathing itself in the escaped eye jelly and blood. Lola could feel the tip of the vile black tongue probe gently at the back of the now empty eye socket. She let out a horror and pain filled wail.

So, yes, that’s just a small taste of the wickedness that I’ve been typing of late. What do you think?

When have you experienced your plot careening off course? Did you go with it, or wrangle it back into line with your previous outline? Let me know below.


6 thoughts on “Twisty plot bunnies

  1. My bunnies are always running in the wrong direction. Go with it. I know Stephen King was mentioned above and he is terrified of watching scary movies (but he still writes them) – go figure 😉 Well done with your excerpt and best of luck! 😀

    • Thanks Dianne, I have pushed through that scene and I’m quite happy (a little creeped out too) with it! Now onto the other less creepy stuff.

      It’s interesting that Mr King is terrified of scary movies too… score #1 for the scaredy cats!

  2. I think of the things about NaNoWriMo is that it you just go with it. If it’s freaking you out, getting a reaction, then it’s something in your writing brain that you should listen to. I’d say the same thing if you realised you were writing a comedy when you wanted to write a tragedy.

    I’d run with it and just turn the ‘ewwww, what am I writing?’ part of your brain off for a while.

    I remember a quote from Stephen King, who is always asked, “Why do you write horror?”. His answer: “What makes you think I have a choice?”

    So embrace the Dark Side! They have better cookies anyway, so I’ve read.

    My books always run off at a tangent, and I’m happy to let them and the characters take over and take off. It’s a blast, every time.

    • I like the Stephen King quote 🙂 I think I will play it out and see where this takes me… Who knows, perhaps I could carve a niche for myself in the horror genre

  3. I am aspiring to let my first drafts be as bloody, sexy, crazy as they want to be. That way I do not lose the passion that drives the idea.

    I think that this is your inner critic climbing back in through the window after you threw them out the door. If you do not like the route because it is wrong for you, then turn back; but if you are scared that someone will judge you for not writing a more pleasant novel, then deal with making it more saleable in editing.

    Ragged edges aside, I like the sample. If you don’t want it, I have a spacious hard drive and plenty of time ot take it for walks. 🙂

    • I think you are right there Dave. I need to shut that window and stop the inner critic from making trouble. It does tend to creep back in when my back is turned!

      I don’t think that it’s concern for how others will react, I know there is a market out there for this type of genre (heck I’m currently reading one!) perhaps it’s a bit of a mishmash of both things. Perhaps it’s just that I’m still a little uncomfortable with it and just need to get used to this side of my brain?! I guess I’ll find out as I go along.

      I’m pretty keen to see where it’ll go, but I’ve made a promise to myself: No writing at night, or I may just cause some nightmares!

      Thanks for the offer, but I think this rough little puppy may just end up (with a bit of a polish) firmly lodged inside this novel of mine 😀

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