Interesting results

Not to harp on too much about this whole procrastination thing from yesterday, but here I am again, typing up another blog post instead of working or adding to my NaNoWriMo tally…

Anyway, I’ve started now, let’s not procrastinate some more and leave this in the drafts folder…though if I do, you’ll never see it. *runs off for some procrastinating fun*

*wanders back in*

Ok, so I’m back and now to the whole point of this blog post:

The Search Engine Terms!

If you don’t know what these fantastically comical things are, you’ll find them on your dashboard stats page. You’ll find them nestled away on the left hand column, second box from the bottom. You can see them for the day, for the day before, or the last week, month, year, all time! Some of the terms people search for and they get my blog are a little strange, but I have an answer for that.

Inappropriate Appropriate tagging!

You will see from the below photo which I just took of my all time stats, just how people are finding me. They’re flocking here in their tens to read my exciting drivel.

Luckily for me, the top result is actually my handle – phew!

The second, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh and eighth results are a little more perplexing. I am not now, nor have I ever been a male. Nor do I have blonde hair. So why the high result value? Because people out there are pervs! They want to perv on my photo of Sicarius when I spoke about book boyfriends and girlfriends. Have you all finished drooling yet? Wipe your chins before you stain the carpet!

Funnily, Annoyingly, Strangely enough, the corresponding  top post in the last 7 days is… you guessed it. The same one! It has the same amount of views as my home page/archives page.

I can see a trend here, people aren’t coming here to read my amazingly awesome writing, no! They’re coming to perv on my favourite assassin. Now if stats were what I was actually interested in here, I’d probably fill my blog posts with eye candy and you would need some mountain climbing gear to rival the stuff you’d need for Mount Everest to climb the rapid influx of traffic.

It’s interesting also, that the stgrb tagline is only at #3 on the list, yet that post is my highest viewed of all time, which comes in at a whopping 413 views. I know a lot of the traffic was from goodreads, where Elle placed a link to my post on her rather controversial review. This accounts for more than 90% of the traffic, but a small percentage actually searched stgrb and somewhere around search result #15 you’ll find a link to my blog! Whoop whoop! Mum and Dad, I’m famous! Ok, ok, I won’t quit my day job just yet…

I just thought that this was an interesting subject and it’s one I’ll be interested to see progress as I keep blogging. As I write more posts, as they vary in topic as they likely will, as I get more people following me (yes I quite like feeling like I’m being stalked by my ever faithful digital shadows that you are *waves*) will these search engine terms change? Will I ever top the previous posts stats? Stay tuned to the same bat station at the same bat time, sometime in the future I may post some more funny terms. For a rather amusing read on a much, much better written analysis of her search engine terms, check out Madame Weebles post! She’s freaking hilarious!

  • Just in case you were wondering… here’s another 642 words that WON’T add to my NaNoWriMo tally!

What are some of your strange search engine terms? Which is your most viewed post? Do the results surprise you or are they what you expected? Let me know in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Interesting results

  1. My stats on my webpage said someone found it by typing “if i stay gayle forman spoilers”

    I tried it…and yep, my webpage is first result on Google! That’s not even a post on my webpage, but a blog post!

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