Book boyfriends and girlfriends…

What do I mean by that you might be asking!?

Characters that draws the reader in and encourages them to take that emotional first step into a lustful/emotional relationship.

What draws us to these men and/or women that are painted so vividly upon the paper or screen in front of us? Do we see snippets of partners past, the ones that got away? Have the authors managed to pick your brains in search for that illusive, perfect being that could warm even the coldest heart?

Following in the wake of giants like Twilight’s Edward, Jacob or Bella, how too can you create a character that will leave the girls a simpering mess on the floor or screaming like a banshee? How do you come up with and then recreate repeatedly a Goddess of the screen like Scarlett Johansson’s character ‘The Black Widow’ in Iron Man 2 or 3 or The Avengers? A woman so fine, yet so deadly that she has the men (and women) lapping at her feet?

Do each of these characters have some fundamental characteristic in common that wins them places in our hearts? Is it some magic element that some writers know and others don’t? Is it all in how they’re written like the magic words of a magician? Also, why is that not all characters affect us the same way? Why can Sicarius melt my heart with one of his icy stares, yet turn the next reader to stone?

Speaking of my favourite assassin, I shall introduce you to a couple of my book boyfriends.


The latin word for dagger-man or assassin. *shivers*

Please let me introduce you to my Sicarius, although this model is nowhere near icy enough with his face. For any of you out there who’ve read Lindsay’s The Emperor’s Edge series, you’ll know just who I’m talking about…

Yes, ok, you can all stop drooling now, oh, is it just me? *wipes mouth*

I know I picked a bit of a pretty boy, one with a very VERY nice body there, but it’s how I picture Sicarius. I’m not even 100% sure why it is I like him as a character. As you’ll see from the below sample, which belongs to an even longer excerpt available on Lindsay’s blog, he’s not exactly a gushing Romeo type.

Here’s the little teaser from The Emperor’s Edge (book #1 in the series) for you to introduce you to Mr Non-Emotive Assassin himself:

He was there.

Amaranthe jumped, dropping her watch. It clanked against the frozen stone and skidded into the base of the pedestal. Sicarius’s eyes never left her face. He was leaning against one of the back pillars, his arms folded across his chest.

Unlucky fallen ancestors, she cursed silently. How had he gotten up here without using the stairs? How long had he been there? Had he seen her checking the knife?

To give herself a moment to recover her composure, Amaranthe bent to pick up the watch. She wondered if her mittens hid how much her fingers shook as she grasped it.

As she slowly stood, her gaze traveled up his black boots, fitted black trousers, tucked-in black shirt, an armory’s worth of daggers and throwing knives, and came to rest on his face. He was the person from the sketch, no doubt, but unlike the menacing image Hollowcrest had given her, this man’s face bore no emotion at all. By the flames of the lamp, his eyes appeared black, and they gave no indication of feeling—or humanity.

He had the bronze skin of a Turgonian, but that pale blond hair was rare in the empire. It was short and damp around the edges. Whoever had cut it looked to have used hedge clippers instead of scissors.

“Thank you for being prompt,” Amaranthe said, relieved her voice didn’t waver or crack.

He said nothing. His eyes never left hers.

It was unnerving, though she dared not show it. It was time to play the role she had designed for herself. If he agreed to the job, they would travel together to Amaranthe’s fictitious warehouse in Itansa, which would involve a four-day locomotive ride. He would sleep sometime, and she would fulfill Hollowcrest’s mission then. Assassinate the assassin.

She remembered a piece of advice from a marketing class. Start out asking potential customers questions they have to answer with yes. Consistency is your ally. People are more likely to say yes to a sale after a string of positive responses. Just don’t let them start out saying no.

She cleared her throat. “I’m Amaranthe Lokdon. You are Sicarius, correct?”

“You know who I am.”

“Are you as good as they say?”

“You asked for me by name. Frequently.”

Amaranthe tried to decide if his words implied suspicion. His tone never fluctuated. Like his face, his voice betrayed nothing of his thoughts.

“That doesn’t answer my question.” She smiled.

“You have work to propose. Do so.”

So much for the get-them-to-say-yes strategy.

“Very well,” Amaranthe said. “I need to move some machinery across the border to buyers in Kendor. Since sharing technology with outsiders is illegal, I anticipate trouble from the soldiers who inspect the ports. I’ve tried bribes before with little luck. I need someone who can handle them, in whatever way deemed best, should they try to block the shipment. I’ve heard you’re not squeamish about such things.”

Sicarius stared at her, eyes hard and unwavering. Amaranthe forced herself to meet his gaze, lest he suspect her of dishonesty.

“I decline,” Sicarius said.

“What? Why?”

“You are lying,” he said and passed her, heading for the stairs.

Do you have your own book boyfriends or girlfriends? Why do you like them? Can you find a photo of how they look to you? Share them below!

4 thoughts on “Book boyfriends and girlfriends…

  1. I’m afraid I’ve fallen in love with my latest character, Cayo. I don’t know what it is about him (it could be his honesty and innocence) but I’m finding it difficult to write another story without him in it now. This has never happened to me before…I might have to file for virtual divorce 😉

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