I might join the circus


It’s a funny thing in life when we’re trying to juggle everything we want to do and fit it in the amount of time we have. I often feel like the gentleman over there to the left, like I need another set of arms or two or three just to deal with what life throws at me every day.

Why do we fill our every waking moment with things we have to do, or want to do? 

Do we ever just sit and think?

I can tell you, I don’t get to just sit and think very often. My mind races so fast through things I should be doing instead. The list always seems to include all those things that aren’t fun – washing, cleaning, gardening etc.  and sometimes it includes the things I’d like to do, like reading, sewing, writing or playing computer games.

But I don’t know the last time I just decided to collect my thoughts, take a deep breath and really relax.

Time is such a precious commodity! We never seem to have enough of it.

So, let’s set down the juggling balls. Let’s you sit down and think about what is important to us. Work out our priorities, which parts of our lives are really important and which are just filler?

What would be your first answer?

Something slightly off on a tangent from the original topic, but worth mentioning too.

I often fight against the feeling of being stretched so thinly between all my competing priorities that I’m almost at breaking point. A bit like a mammoth tug-of-war between my job, my personal life, my hobbies, the things in life that have to be done.

Will I ever truly get to that breaking point or will I surprise myself and continue to be able to handle the added pressure of all these things in my life?

When you add up all the things we’re supposed to do, does it overwhelm you? Does it give you a sense of achievement looking back on all the things you’ve accomplished? Do you wish you had more time? Do you long to add more things to your ever growing list of things to do?

I’m starting to think I need to sit down and reorganise my priorities. Cull some of the older, not so important aspects of my life at the moment, to make way for those that ARE important.


4 thoughts on “I might join the circus

  1. I am quite organised with my tasks so I rarely feel overwhelmed; knowing there is a plan allows me to have uncompleted projects.

    I do feel very uncomfortable trying to relax if I have not committed to several tasks then completed them. It seems to be related to what I could be doing, so I can take a holiday away from home and not feel odd sitting on a bench but feel odd awarding myself a day-off at home.

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