Eight Mile Island ~ Review!!!

The cover of Tony’s new book!

Go and buy this now! $4.99 on Amazon!

5 stars! 5 fantastic stars!

Tony, Tony, Tony! You have created a truly amazing book here! I COULD NOT put it down!

Since reading your first book, I have thoroughly enjoyed your writing style, but I can honestly say, you just keep getting better and better. The imagery and realism captured in the story as I was bundled up and dragged along with Dylan was rather scary in parts.

The eerily strange goings on on Eight Mile Island kept me biting my nails and second guessing the plot twists the whole way. I didn’t know who to trust, I didn’t know what was going to happen or how you managed to write such a complex story in such a small amount of words.

The pacing was brilliant. I didn’t feel rushed, there was always plenty of information given to the reader when needed, but it wasn’t forced upon the reader either. A very delicate balance.

In terms of editing, I did notice a few formatting/editing issues in the first half of the book, but they were only minor.

This book is a creepy, action packed, thrilling ride and more people should be reading it. I can’t believe I am only the second person to review this fantastic book.


4 thoughts on “Eight Mile Island ~ Review!!!

  1. Sounds brilliant! (great review btw) 😀

  2. Glad you loved it! Not much point writing if people don’t enjoy it at the end of the day!

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