WoahMolly ~ Shout Out

Who is WoahMolly?

WhoaMolly is a fellow blogger from Australia here on WordPress. You can visit her fantastically amusing blog here. From the first moment I saw her post on my computer screen it was love at first sight I was pleasantly and almost inexplicably filled with a sense of amusement. I don’t know if it’s because I relate so strongly with a lot of what she writes, or deep down, she must be filtering thoughts out of my brain, but it’s almost uncanny how similar her posts align with my thoughts.

Why you should check out her blog?

Because I said so… haha nah not really, although you can tell her it’s because I said so if you like :).

She really is always coming up with interesting and varied blog posts. Some of my favourites have been movie suggestions she’s shared (I now have a couple more movies I simply MUST go and see), reviews on books she’s read (another thing we have in common!), she also shares quite candidly her life experiences and her thoughts on how things work, how people interact and how she makes her own way throughout life.

Why I like WhoaMolly!

Who wouldn’t like someone who burns Twilight in a giant bonfire? I even liked the books and I find this photo amusing to the nth degree. Really, as an avid book lover, I should be outraged by the nonsensical destruction of books, but this makes me smirk rather alarmingly in mirth. Perhaps it’s the look of sheer enjoyment plastered to Molly’s face!? I don’t know, but I’ll continue to check out her blog until she stops posting 🙂

Thanks for all the amusing, thought-provoking, smirk-worthy posts Molly! All the best!


4 thoughts on “WoahMolly ~ Shout Out

  1. I’m heading off to visit Molly right now 🙂

  2. Hey! Thanks for saying so many awesomenice things about me!

    The story behind that picture was that we had a bonfire for my 27th birthday and my friend actually bought the whole Twilight series just so we could burn it as his gift to me. I’m the last person who would wanna destroy books, but Twilight just totally rubbed me up the wrong way.

    I always like to say that the picture says almost everything you need to know about me – I’m very happy, very strange and I hate poorly written, simpering female characters! Me in a nutshell.

    • You are welcome Molly 🙂 I thoroughly enjoy your posts! As I said in my post, I should not like the photo, for the same reasons you should, but I still do 🙂

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