Here’s to parents and their ways of wondering about our colourful language. Mine said Tonight’s the night didn’t need the F word… I said it did! 🙂 thanks Dianne!

Dianne Gray author

My mother is the only person on this earth I have to answer to if a character in one my books swears. She’s 82 years old and has a tongue as sharp and damaging as a machete – but she never swears. The worst words to come from her lips in a moment of rage are, ‘For Pete’s Sake!’

In fact, I only ever hear these words after she’s read my latest WiP. It usually happens in the food court on a Sunday morning where we meet for brunch after she’s done with the ‘church thing’.

‘For Pete’s sake, Dianne! Why did you have to use the ‘F’ word in that novel? You know I hate the ‘F’ word! What am I going to tell the ladies at church and croquet?’

‘Tell them I use colourful language,’ I say. ‘They’re never going to pick up a book about demons anyway.’

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