Blue Emotions.

I came up with my entry into the October competition I created the prompt for. I won’t win, given I had a bit of an unfair advantage, but I liked the prompt so I wrote an entry anyway. I’m not overly happy with it, but here it is, warts and all.

For those of you who may not remember the prompt, or perhaps missed my previous post, you can find it here.

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A suffocating pain bubbles precariously close to the opening of my hanging mouth. An anguished look plastered to my face.

Pressure builds within my chest and pervades throughout my body. Blood boils, air is strangled, a scream is murdered.

What was that?

A mosquito?


The buzzing gets louder in my ear.

Pools of liquid agony escape my eyes and streak their way across my cheeks, leaving only a furious wetness in their wake.


Why did I let him walk out of my life?


A lingering feeling of perverse happiness grasps my brain and rips it out of the sticky tendrils of pain.

I remember his smile, the warmth in his eyes, and the feel of his skin. I remember the sweetness of our time together, despite the constant overbearing shadow of our shared secret. The shared secret we bore into the world together. He feared being cast aside by those who mattered, but the result was a positive one; another to add to our tally.

We revelled in life.

We embraced it and loved it. We were alive.

We were young and reckless and full of youthful bliss. We demanded that life present itself to us and we took our fill of its gloriousness.

It took its toll. We paid the price.

The fare; our friendship.

A deepening sense of loss envelopes me as I grieve the loss of one of my closest friendships… only 10 years after it happened.


3 thoughts on “Blue Emotions.

  1. Well done! The prompt is colour I believe (or I think) 😉

    I love the picture and the beautiful prose 😀

    • The prompt was to encapsulate an emotion, explore it. I chose regret. You could make your work look like the emotion, or find a visual prompt to portray it.

      I liked the blue ocean, it resembled the regret. The red jelly fish, that of my heart/mind.

      Another way I look at it, this wasn’t on purpose, but it sort of came out in the writing anyways… the sticky tendrils of pain = the jelly fish tentacles, the feeling of regret/remembering the happiness of my lost friendship was the blueness around it.

      Either way, the colour of the picture certainly played a fairly big part. Thanks for stopping by Dianne 🙂

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