Holidays! They get in the way…

Just a quick one!

I am away on holidays, and despite my best efforts in the last few days before leaving, I couldn’t come up with 12 new fully formed posts to schedule while I am away.

As I am sure a lot of you are aware, holidays don’t often leave you with time to do the things you want, they are filled with rushed trips to see family and lots of driving.

I will be able to get some reading done, so there may be more book reviews, but being in the country with only an iPhone and no access to a computer makes writing pretty posts really hard!

I actually even returned to reading a real book instead of my kindle! See photographic proof below!


I shall return to my regular program on the 14th of October!

See you all then 🙂


6 thoughts on “Holidays! They get in the way…

  1. {Squinting}…trying to read Garfield and figure out which book this is…

  2. Nothing beats the real book! Hoping to read your future book reviews 🙂

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