Indie authors unite in my TBR list (books #21-50)

Since the last post highlighted some great authors, I thought I’d fill you in on some more of my current top 50 books. Keep in mind this is just a selection of them, there are plenty more on the list. If you’re interested, let me know and I’ll be happy to fill you in, or better yet, jump on Goodreads and check out my gigantic TBR list! Also keep an eye out on my blog because I’ll post my reviews here too.

#21 – Deadly Motive by D. S. Butler

Deadly Motive is the first in a series by D. S. Butler. The Jack Mackinnon series is an exciting new detective series that the 3 reviews are saying is infused with a science flavour. So far it’s sitting at 4.62 from 5 ratings, most of which being the full 5 stars! If crime is your poison, check out this book, where poison plays a big role in the murder!

#23 – Equipoise (Ennek #3) by Kim Fielding

Oh boy, I’m keen to read this one. I’ve read books 1 and 2 (Stasis and Flux) and loved this sweet M/M romance that is interwoven within a tale of science-fiction/fantasy. Currently flush with 20 ratings and 6 reviews, the book is at an average of 4.04 stars. We’ll bare witness to the closing Act of Ennek and Miner’s tale, in what I’m sure will be quite emotional. I loved the first two stories (both getting 4 star reviews from me!) and I hope to not be too upset when I read the last words of this one.

#25 – Borlosanti by Jonathan Poku

Borlosanti was fresh off the press in February 2012. It’s currently got no reviews or ratings and my TBR shelf is the only one it’s sitting on. Let’s give Jonathan Poku some love people and add this book to your TBR list. I’m not too keen on the cover, but I’m hoping it houses a fantastic fantasy/adventure story based in a world of dreams. From the blurb it seems to be perhaps a YA/fantasy story.  Watch this space for a review in the coming weeks.

#26 – To Die a Stranger by Jilly Paddock

5 star ratings abound here, 3 down and more to come I’m sure. Jilly has a knack for writing amazing stories. I have read one of her other stories: No Earthly Shore and rated and reviewed it, 5 stars! I can only hope that the rest of her books are the same fantastic quality. To Die a Stranger is set in the future, the 26th century to be exact and have loads of fun things jammed into its pages. Telepathy, telekinesis, romance and computers mixed together with a bit of romance should create a pretty interesting read!

#31 – Slipstream by Georgina Anne Taylor

Slipstream has been discontinued and republished in Fairy Tales for Freya (which is also on my TBR list). The short story is about a young boy who wants to fly. Slipstream is sporting a 4.50 rating while Fairy Tales for Freya has 3.64 rating from 5 ratings and 6 reviews. If you are a bit partial to a fairy tale, perhaps you should check out Georgina’s books. Here’s another little tidbit: she’s a fellow Aussie too!

#33 – Dream Catcher, Heart Listener by Christine E. Schulze

Another short story, this one is based around Michaela Hania who was born blind. Reviews seem to indicate that it’s a Paranormal romance/YA story, that focuses on Michaela’s dreams where a man shows her colours and shares his world with her. He appears like a hidden angel, but who is he? With a great rating of 4.30 from 2 ratings and 8 reviews, it seems Christine has written a fantastic short story. Care to delve into the world of a blind young woman? Pick up Dream Catcher, Heart Listener today.

#36 – Live Undead by Steve Warren

This one is firmly outside of my normal genres. Steve posted in one of the groups I frequent on Goodreads asking for reviews from people who aren’t squeamish. I’m not squeamish and I love to read something different by an indie author, so onto my TBR list went Live Undead. Steve’s blurb says that the story is inspired by the splatterpunk novels of the late 1980s and early 1990s, but as it contains rather explicit scenes, reader discretion is advised.

#41 – Unnatural Selection (Unnatural Selection #1) by Ann Somerville

The first book in a trilogy, Unnatural Selection introduces us to Nick Guthrie who almost died from a brain tumour and as a side effect now drinks fake blood to survive. The reviews (18 of them) tell us this gay horror/mystery/romance novel is quite original, the average rating of 3.71 seems a bit low given the review comments, but a nice M/M romance sounds just the ticket to me! Ann has also completed books 2 and 3 (Every Move You Make and Next of Kin) already so there will be no wait if you really click with this story! One word of warning, don’t check out the blurbs to books 2 or 3 as they potentially include spoilers if you haven’t read book 1 yet.

#42 – You Can’t Shatter Me by Tahlia Newland

This heart-warming magical realism story offers real solutions for handling bullying that will inspire and empower teens and adults alike. Now doesn’t that sound like a fantastic read? Very important in today’s society with all the bullying on social media sites and in the classrooms and offices. Tahlia currently has 18 reviews and 2 ratings and is sporting a 4.20 star rating. The reviews paint an alluring picture of a well written and almost poetic writing style coating a very valid point. These same reviews pitch this book at both teens and adults, perhaps we should all have a read of this one and pass it along to our friends? For $2.99 on Amazon, why not give it a try?

#44 – Chip Off the Old Block by Natasha Duncan-Drake

Natasha Duncan-Drake has graced my ‘currently-reading’ shelf a few times already this year. I was introduced to her writing with Cat’s Call a fantastic fantasy/paranormal adventure story starring Charlie Waterman, I gave it a 5 star review. I also enjoyed the second book in this series, giving it a 4 star review. Other books by Natasha have recently been read, her novella/short story Soul Reader series drew me in, chewed me up and spit me out. It’s a slightly graphic M/M paranormal (vampire) romance crossed with a bit of action. Chip off the Old Block seems to follow this style as it’s about Owen/Beherit who seems to be the Devil’s son. It’s .99c on Amazon and reviewers seem to agree that it’s funny, interesting but way too short. It’s currently sporting a 3.53 rating (12 ratings/5 reviews). Give some of Natasha’s books a try, you might just like them!

Have you read any of the books by these authors? Do any of them take your fancy? Share the love for indie authors and pick up one or two and add them to your TBR list!

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