Cuteness Alert!

photo credit: Icanhascheezburger

Ok, so this is totally not writing or reading related and it’ll likely be my one and only post like this, but I had to share this adorable video I took this morning.

I was driving out of the suburb I live in and I came across Mr and Mrs Duck and all their little babies! I love spring!

Sorry about my rather drunken looking video-ing. I was actually making sure that there weren’t any cars coming so neither myself or the ducks got squished! And yes, because I know you’re all wondering, my handbag was safe in the car… I didn’t get scammed by the cuteness that was those little ducklings 😀

On a slightly different note, while I was looking for a beware photo to use for the top of this post, I came across some rather odd beware signs. I’ll put a couple of the stranger ones below.

Gotta watch out for those rogue centaurs!
photo credit:

Street fighter antics abound here! Beware of the powerball moves!
photo credit:

Rhinos apparently frequent this place. Tourists must be made aware!
photo credit:

Have you got any photos or videos of adorable baby animals that you took yourself? Share them with me by leaving a comment with a link below. Also, have you come across an odd sign while out and about? 


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